Transcending with Love

Some time ago I introduced “our map of reality” as a developing view of our life, and which we use to get around on the planet. This map is constantly being modified as we learn what works over time.

Early in life we learn dualities such as yes-no, love-hate, trust and fear, my self or others. In school we have right-wrong, pass-fail, good-bad. Success or failure seems to be all about myself and individualism (mentioned early in my post list) in society seems to encourage us to develop an ego-mind, which can use the sympathetic nervous system to alert and alarm us of risks or danger, with emotions of fear, worry, disgust, disappointment. Thus, our happiness or sense of well-being is threatened. The ego-mind seems only alert to “problems” that impact our map of reality. Moreover, we have the experience of ourselves as separate, alone, and in a risky dualistic world. Yet, some authors suggest we develop the habit of “letting what ever is happening be OK,” all the while watching with curiosity. Nevertheless, the ego-mind cannot be happy with this, as a strategy.

Fortunately, there is more to the human mind than ego! Asian languages and philosophies would say that Mind and Heart are synonymous!  Also, that matters of the Heart are Spiritual. In other posts, I have made a case for thinking of the Heart as a monitor of my being on-Purpose, as to why I was born; and “negative emotions” as signal that I am off purpose. I recall a famous quote: “for this cause came I unto this hour.” Some would say, and I am inclined to agree, that these words are from “The Lord of Love.”

Thus, I have been re-writing my “map of reality.” Social Science seems to have difficulty with the words, Spirit and Happiness, until recently when we are now able to think of things in terms of quantum physics, especially “action at a distance.” I now have a whole collection of synonyms for love. It’s fun “letting whatever is happening be OK!” Two of my favourites are “forgiveness and self-forgiveness.” My years of counselling experience have taught me that there is something “transcendental” that allows me to radiate forgiveness, encouragement, inspiration or loving appreciation. I haven’t forgotten that in post number six I wrote: “Recently, I went to the bank and I had to wait for the teller to return to her post. She was smiling and 40 years younger than I. She said: ‘I thought everything was ready, but I’m sorry to keep you waiting.’ I said: ‘Your smile is worth waiting for!’ She replied: ‘That’s sweet!’ It’s hard to say which of us was more inspired!”

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