Mindfulness and Inspiration

“Mindfulness” is a word that is sweeping the Western world. Borrowed from Buddhism, this practice has been big in the Mental Health professions. For instance, the importance of Mindfulness has been offered to Psychologists by Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh. He chose to put himself into exile from Vietnam, speaking in USA initially but eventually internationally, about the fact that the Vietnamese did not want the war. It was the North and South governments that were willing to sacrifice people in the conflict. Master Hanh also conducted workshops on Mindfulness meditation to many Psychologists.

Also, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn among others pioneered mindfulness at the Stress Center at University of Massachusetts Medical School. I think they might have called it awareness training, because the training is all about awareness being fixed on the breath or the breathing body. We may assume that awareness is something of the mind. Yet, Kabat-Zinn points out that during awareness of the breath, one gets drawn to thought coming into the mind. At this point, Kabat-Zinn says: “we may have a tiny taste of enlightenment, as we observe the thoughts of the mind moving in like waves of the ocean.”    Continue reading “Mindfulness and Inspiration”