Inspiration, Lost and Found!

Over the past two or three posts, we have considered the human tragedy of how the idea of separation and consequent development of an innocent question of independent action, turning into ego-consciousness or ego-mind.  We saw it separate us from our inherited mind guided by our On-Purpose with spirit, guiding mind or heart.  I would note here that the Chinese and Japanese languages use the same symbol for “mind” as “heart.”

In the development of the past couple of posts, authors reflected that cherishing individual independence has been taken up by ego-mind, which projects anger or fear on others, as it endeavours to “succeed” as an “individual” to the extent that Western society is rife with “Individualism.”  Thus, we have developed a “dog-eat-dog” society, which has infested families, friendships and marriages.

David Banner has offered help with his Enneagram technology of personality types and The Course in Miracles (ACIM) has offered strategies to overcome egotism and the projection of anger and fear on others in order to remain unconscious of past memories of guilt.  Also, ACIM offers the practice of what seems to be a technique of “forgiveness” and “self-forgiveness.”  The logic behind the forgiveness approach allows the mind to identify as “The Son of God.”  This would lead to the realization that we as the Sons of God are all contained in an omni-present “higher power,” which contains us all and operates as The Holy Spirit informing all our minds and Hearts, which should we be open to information, as it is always timely when it arrives.

Contrasted with “the News of the World,” and in spite of magnificent mentalities contained in many countries in “the world,” all seemingly failing the populations, regarding the environment, and natural resources for future generations. As David Banner so aptly observed, the ego seems be counterproductive.  The ACIM goes so far as to say that ego-mind collects memories and uses these to build potential threats in our environment, mostly populated with family, friends and competitors. This is how it has “realistic” evidence to project negative emotions, resulting in a bunch of separate individuals, with a low level of trust and Love, along with Inspiration  LOST and needing to be FOUND! Continue reading “Inspiration, Lost and Found!”