Staying Inspired is Inspiring to Me

Being able to stay steady with Purpose (the ultimate inspirer!) is what allows me to stay inspired!  Recently, many over the Globe celebrated the life of Nelson Mandela, a man who was “unstoppable.”  I personally agreed with that but also that his determination was inspiring. We have some uplifting sayings like: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”  Considering the inspirational value of such sayings reminded my of an impressive book by Richard Brodie called Virus of the Mind.  Brodie was inspired by his Purpose, as his Heart Wisdom drew him away from University to join Bill Gates of Microsoft. As I understand it, Brodie would postpone university study to pursue a project that would revolutionize the culture to make Personal Computers (PCs) a household item, not to mention its use in business and industry.  Yes, cynics will point to the money, but cynicism can be a symptom of a mind virus too.

As anyone might look back on their life, Richard Brodie, could not help himself but to also be inspired by the revolutionary idea of a “meme,” a revolutionary term coined by Biologist, Richard Dawkins. With the same zeal as with Bill Gates’ inspiration, Brodie could see that their dream became like a virus, which would spread by duplicating itself in the minds of millions, including mine!  Now, with the same zeal, Richard Brodie, has applied his talents, researching the scientific field of memes, which is called Memetics, along the lines of Genetics, which studies the special things about our genes and how they are passed from one generation to another.

Brodie’s idea of the “Mind Virus” is because it spreads by duplicating itself, hopping from mind to mind during communication, so that this Science of Memetics would propose that “the meme is a building block of a culture.”  This idea is exciting to me, as I am aware that the mass-subconscious of the Western Culture needs and oil-change, even although it contains Sheldrake’s Morphic Fields that have proven to support the learning of new ideas, which we can now call memes! Continue reading “Staying Inspired is Inspiring to Me”