Transcending and SQ

Earlier in my post on Mindfulness and Inspiration, I introduced the idea of Transcending and self-transcending.  I wished to paint a picture of a Self, taking a lofty view of the self.  The capital letter S, hints at some way that is capable of seeing our selves in physical form and living day to day on Earth. I used the ideas of  Dr. Ken Wilber talked about Transcending, years ago.  His idea was that as the child learns to ride a bicycle, they are aware of how pedestrians walk, and they can make adjustments.  This same person learns to drive a car and has a similar perspective of cyclists.   Later, the motorist learns to fly an aircraft and has a look from above at his hometown.  This is Wilber’s idea of transcending to a lofty view, where the flyer can get back in his car and virtually anticipate what’s around the next corner.  Thus, it was Wilber’s way of talking about transcending.

In this post, I wish to mention scientific evidence that the brain has evolved to deal with transcending and authors, who has introduced what they call  Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and how we can do such things as healing ourselves developing this SQ.

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