The Inspiring Reality of Ourself

In earlier posts, I introduced the notion that we are all spirits having a physical experience on Earth.  Thus, I hope we all understand that being inspired is the experience of being in the reality of ourselves as incarnated spirits.  Because of this, our Heart and Mind can experience “oneness” with all creation, where we enjoy being ourselves as creators.  Yet, how can we stay in this pleasurable state, when we find our selves in a society that promotes competition, disrespect and violence in the pursuit of happiness by egos, trained to at least fear the competition and violence? Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has become famous with his monumental amount of research on Happiness and Inner Peace by meditating.  Dr. Dyer has been prolific with his books and public presentations on meditating to overcome the ego, which has been trained in the society where we currently find ourselves.  Here, I quote, Dr. Dyer’s list of six assumptions held by the ego:

  1. I am what I do.
  2. I am what I have.
  3. I am separate from God.
  4. I am what others think of me.
  5. I am separate from everyone else.
  6. I am separate from what is missing in my life.

It is no wonder that the ego promotes fear and anger as the main thoughts and thus, the experience of almost everything in our lives.  Also, we often seem separate from those things that are missing in our lives. My view is, that as spirits, having a physical experience here on Earth, we are still a part of the all that is.  This is God the infinity and, by definition, there can be no other thing that exists outside of our one infinity.  It is an organizing, all encompassing, entity that cares for all of creation, as we know it.  It is all-powerful, when it comes to providing for the needs of all creatures, including us humans.  Dr. Dyer would offer the idea that when our mind generates thoughts of lack or, worse yet, it buys into the fears, disgust and angers of our egos.  The result is that anything we have strong feelings about, becomes more abundant.  So, if we fear violence, more violence will appear and if we regret lack, more lack comes to us.

I think we have to go back to basics.  I believe that I was created with a Purpose, which is fulfilled in a life of service to others.  Thus, my writing this Blog is “On Purpose,” if in fact it is of service to others.  Also, raising the topic of meditation, suggests the silence experienced as very useful to calm our minds from all the ideas generated by the ego.  I have found, as have many, that just sitting and watching my breath is very calming and restful for my mind.  For me, it provides a peace of mind and space to think about things and people I love.  I have come to believe that forgiveness of obvious mistakes that another or I might make is useful to reduce the violence on the planet.

If we consider what many would call “the unfortunate realities,” mentioned above, “a society that promotes competition and violence in the pursuit of happiness by egos, trained to at least fear the competition and violence,”  we must take protective action with our minds and hearts.  Spiritual teachers have faced this in similar ways.  Mahatma Ghandi would say: “Be the change, you wish to see in the world.” Continue reading “The Inspiring Reality of Ourself”