Taking the Plunge

“It seems that the necessary thing to do is not to fear mistakes, to plunge in, to do the best that one can, hoping to learn enough from blunders correct them eventually.“ – Abraham Maslow

I have been slow in taking a plunge for some years, beginning with (toes in the water) the first edition of my book. It took me 200 pages before I used the words “spirit or spiritual” because I was aware that readers might “smell smoke” and conclude that these words portend religion that, to many, would be getting “duped” by or “who knows why?” This has been the case with the previous posts, although the word “inspiring” in the name would mean “filled with spirit.”

In the previous post, I talk of outsmarting the ego-mind saying: “Dr. David Banner’s book, LOVING IT ALL; LIVING WITH AN AWAKENING HEART, has arrived here and it utilizes a typology of nine personality types from the Enneagram system to find how you can defeat your ego-mind in its bid for individuality, as it places Love as the ultimate strategy!” Actually, the back cover of David’s book says: “This book uses the spiritual technology of Enneagram to illustrate the nine primary delusions of the ego, and shows how to uncover underlying virtues.”

Why am I making such a big deal of this? I might add here that David has an important question: “With all the bright people in the world, why are we facing imminent social, economic, political and environmental collapse?” Furthermore, he points out that: The root problem lies with the ego: a fiction made up by our minds assuming a separate self and a hostile world in which the ego needs to struggle and manipulate to survive. We cannot see reality from the stance of the ego; we can only see its projections based on the past. So our endless struggles will get us nowhere. . ..”

 Actually, he is offering the spiritual technology that releases love, which is our natural style. David goes on to say: “Learn how to transcend the limited ego and move into a present-moment awareness of reality and the joy that it brings to you and to your world.” I might add that the present-moment awareness is central to Mindfulness Meditation practice (mentioned in earlier posts)! Continue reading “Taking the Plunge”