The Most Remarkable and Inspiring Man in my Life


Recently, I had a conversation about this man with Dr. Jane Anetrini, who gave a talk entitled: Bless The World By Being Yourself. Our conversation was about another doctor about whom many could say he was the most inspiring man in all our lives.  This man, known as “Bill,” gave many talks about what is required, first: “We must of all have a sense of destiny!  If you don’t have a sense of destiny, you’re kaput!”  He also said, many times: “We made the decision to come on Earth.” This post would make an interesting read about this man but I will stay as closely as I can to the purpose of the Blog.  It was my daughter’s idea that the headline was: “Being Inspiring, Inspiring the world.”

Thus, I will stick with the topic because it may encourage readers to take up some suggestions. After all, it feels good to be Yourself, especially when you realize that, as was mentioned in the previous post, we were born inspiring! There is massive proof of this, when you think of babies early in their lives.

Born into Chiropractic family, naturally young Bill thought his Purpose In Life was Chiropractic, so after graduation, his inspiration became famous. Moreover, he began to attend his Alma Mater’s Lyceum annually as an inspiring speaker. However, Bill was introduced to the Emissaries by his uncle on Sunrise Ranch, and eventually he became a faculty member among other inspiring teachers on Sunrise Ranch,                 (mentioned in “About Paul Blythe” on this Blog’s home page).

Chiropractic, by the way, holds the theory that the Chiropractor does the adjustment overcoming blockages in the nerves but “Innate Intelligence does the healing.” It is no mystery that Bill often said: “The first step for anyone is to acknowledge the Lord!” The “Innate Intelligence” theory eventually was supported by A Course I Miracles, published in 1976, as it introduces the interventions of “The Holy Spirit.”   Bill also often said: “The Earth belongs to the Creator and we are here to return to the Creator!”

Bill’s personality and expression was effusive and inclusive of individuals, not to mention his audiences, showing his love and respect for all whom he met, including remembering our names!  Clearly, he had a definite idea of his purpose in life. Also, his attitude inspired me, and many others to consider our purpose, as it seems to clarify over time and become more accurate, as Bill’s did, beyond the general urge for responsibility, as our teens. As I was training in Psychology, over those years of knowing him, one of his remarks stayed with me, and no doubt with others. On many occasions, he said: “A healing person loves to live and one can only live in the present moment!” Continue reading “The Most Remarkable and Inspiring Man in my Life”