See the Person Behind the Eyes

This title and the following quote is by  Dr Rick Hanson: Most of us wear a kind of mask, a persona that hides our deepest thoughts and feelings, and presents a polished, controlled face to the world. This week with different people, get a sense of the person behind the eyes and behind the words. . . .Take a moment to relax and set aside your opinions about them and be open to who they really are, with their struggles, emotions and hopes for happiness. Let that recognition of the person behind the eyes show in your face, in your own eyes. Notice how this recognition changes the course of an interaction – perhaps softening it, making it more authentic, leading to a good resolution more gently and quickly.”

This is one of Dr. Hanson’s “Big Ideas on Optimal Living.”   Having talked about Heart to Heart connection in previous blogs below, I think Hanson’s ideas come from his scientific book entitled Buddha’s Brain, co-authored with another Psycho-neurologist.  This above quote makes sense from his research and practice of Buddhist principles, himself.  His quote also makes good sense, in the context of considerations throughout my other blogs as we deal with “cultural blind-spots.”  Also, Rick Hanson will host 7 special people from July 15 to September 2/2013.

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