The Beatles were right! “All we need is LOVE.”

The Universe is mysterious and infinite, with large areas called “space.” Yet, I believe we, as human beings, are spiritual beings or “living souls”, having a physical experience. Many different cultures have some understanding of the control of an Omnipresent God, by whatever name or gender. Also, various cultures, have had prophets or spiritually sensitive people, who revealed codes of practice for the less spiritually sensitive, perhaps less mature; which would allow us to live in harmony with one another and with all of nature on Earth. Actually, “space” is not empty. It is full of connective information, Quantum Physics points to our interconnection with the All.

My mind has wrestled with the idea that a hive of honey-bees “knows” that it is going to be a hot day. So, pollen and nectar carriers, switch to carrying water, whilst wax builders revert to fanning for water-cooling. It starts at Sunrise, before it starts getting hot. Do we think God has forgotten us? Bad things happen but these are not “God’s will.”  Well, God can’t go against his (her) own laws. I do not believe that a Loving God could create a Hell, to send some of us there when we die. Hell is man-made, on “the road paved with ‘good’ intentions!” Also, I agree with the Buddha that mind is a perceptive sense along with sight, smell, taste, etc. It is a source of information but not the arbiter of right and wrong. We have to look to the heart for that guidance.

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