On Eagle’s Wings

This title is also from one of my favourite books, authored by my most influential and inspiring teacher. It was an invitation to Transcend. Once you transcend, you then will be able to self-transcend! In earlier blogs, we considered self-compassion, which was an important exercise in forgiveness of our selves and others. If this blog seems “impossible,” I would urge the reader to push on with other blogs and return to this later.
Irvin Yalom explores this, in his book, Existential Analysis. As I understand self-transcendence, it is getting a lofty perspective on our self (operating over time in a variety of roles). Here, we need to think of a SELF that is able to see its (little-s) self. This seems tricky, because the subject can only see object and cannot really see its self. Our way around this is to understand the SELF as a spirit (Heart) who is observing its earthly or physical self, including the mind. The Buddha has pointed out that mind is one of the senses, like touch and vision, etc., although often less reliable.
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