Aging Can Remain Inspiring

Yes, at the age of 81, I am surrounded by inspiring evidence, as I experience life in these days. In these present days, I experience the respect of those in my day to day experience.  Many of those I encounter are looking at my many experiences with respect.  Born in USA, my family moved to Canada where I became a Canadian, where I was educated and I was to serve in the Canadian Army eventually posted to Germany and where I learned German during which time I learned German in the British Army on the Rinne.


It was a time when Soviets in East Germany threatened to invade the West and I was to defend against their invasion.  I learned the German language and travelled extensively in East Europe.  This extensive experience included France, Belgium and Netherlands providing an experience to learn Japanese, as I was to travel the world.


I would not have thought that, after marriage and family in Canada, I would later travel to Australia and New Zealand.  By this time, we had a daughter and adopted son. After attaining a PhD in Psychology and becoming registered in Australia, I was to make many trips to USA and Japan.  My wife. in those days, became ill, demented and eventually hospitalized, where she became very ill and died.  At this point, my son remains in mainland Australian with his family and I remain in Kangaroo Island where my daughter is with her husband.


I delight to be a member of The Minstrels and we sing regularly at two nursing homes. I visit Rodger’s Deli daily and I visit my family at their farm weekly.  Also, nurses at the Cook Centre drop in to check on my welfare.  They are certainly inspiring, with their almost family attitude.


I must emphasize that contact with people remains inspiring as the contact embellishes that sense of family, well known in pioneering in both North and South America.  Visits certainly remain an inspiring, sometimes offering offering understanding of heaters and other implements.