Can we survive the doom of our world?

As the news greets us each day, we see the world is a complicated place, reigned by chaos. Politics has become frightening as politicians pursue their own agendas leaving us at the mercy of their whims. Climate change is worsening and there seems no hope that world leaders will turn the situation around! So many of us mourn the loss of the natural world as wild spaces are paved over to become shopping centres, forests are felled for fast food packages, and our waterways are chocked and filled with waste and toxins.

It is easy to succumb to feelings of powerlessness and doom but creating a better future for us and our children is achievable if we listen to our own innate voice.


I have led a rich and wonderful life, personally and as a Psychologist and transpersonal counsellor. Now in my eighth decade I felt I needed to pay something forward to the post millennial generations who face grave difficulties in an uncertain world. This book captures the training and the wisdom I have received from many others. It shares how each of us can reclaim a life of happiness, compassion, and health in our current times. I draw on the teachings of visionaries and explain why individual efforts are needed to match the challenges of our difficult times, and how we can not only survive, but thrive.

What if we could see that people aren’t so different from ourselves? What if we stopped judging others and didn’t take everything so personally? What if we could ‘know’ at an experiential level that everyone yearns to do the right thing for their loved ones, their friends, and their community? What if each parent, sister, brother, partner and friend taps into an innate wisdom which impacts their relationships and ripples out into the world?

When we are not conscious of why we behave and think in certain ways, our brains unwittingly drive our actions, thoughts, and reactions, eroding our innate potential with denial and a sense of doom. Without a countervailing force, we are following our brains, which are leading us, as individuals, society and as a species to devastating consequences.

I am excited that Surviving Doom: Crucial Skills for a World in Chaos has been released! The book reveals the path that leads to truth—placing our own needs and those of all mankind on equal footing. By undoing years of indoctrination and beliefs, that hold us back and separate us from others, we can not only overcome our sense of doom—we can create a better future for everyone.

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Surviving Doom: Crucial Skills for a World in Chaos, is published by Stormbird Press, 2019.