About Paul W. Blythe

paulblythe_2016_5Paul W. Blythe is a psychologist, transpersonal counselor, author of ‘Street Smarts for Challenging Times’ and the forthcoming title ‘Surviving Doom: Finding strength to overcome a world in chaos’.


Paul was born in Chicago, USA but spent most of his early years in rural Canada. He spent his early adulthood doing various jobs including serving for six years in the Canadian Army, which took him to Germany. The wide world was inspiring!

In the mid 1960’s, he met and married Libby and, on her inspiration, began studying as a mature student at York University in Toronto.  Paul was further inspired moving through BA, MA, PhD programs and while working in the counseling center where staff unlocked the wisdom of the inner world, and eventually on to teaching Educational and Organizational Psychology.

With his wife and young family he also undertook four months of residential spiritual QuoteOnetraining with Universal Institute of Applied Ontology, in Colorado.

This time instilled an inspiring perspective that accurate empathy needs a sort of heart to heart resonance.  On the surface, this is known as ‘the therapeutic relationship’.

However, people are actually inspired by the QuoteTwostrength of this resonance.  It is an exciting, strengthening experience, known in spiritual communities.

In 1977, Paul and his family embraced the wide world again, and moved to Australia. In this new land Paul taught counseling skills for 10 years at the Institute of Technology in South Australia, always drawing on the combined wisdom of his academic and spiritual background, and always seeking to inspire. Several people gathered around them and by 1979, a property was purchased, for a spiritual community and that resonance inspired all the residents and many visitors.

In 1987, Paul began full time service as Minister with the Universal Institute of Applied Ontology in Australia, Singapore and Japan and continued to be inspired by the world around him but more so when he saw people really experience and understand paulblythe_2016_4the wisdom of the Heart.

Latterly, Paul has worked as a Psychologist in a variety of settings, including a period where he had the honor to counsel asylum seekers in immigration detention in Western Australia.

After an eclectic career, Paul has now returned to his academic and spiritual roots, but this time exploring the medium of social networks on the Internet. Yes, a new space for inspiring and being inspired!

Paul has two published books and a third Surviving Doom: Finding strength to overcome a world in chaos to be released in 2017


4 thoughts on “About Paul W. Blythe”

  1. Hi Paul, any chance of having a chat with you at your convenience? Feel free to email me on how I can contact you. Kindly,

  2. Paul…I just found your blog….good on ya, mate!

    I notice your comments about SQ;have you read Cindy Wigglesworth and her SQ research?

    Also, have you read A MORE BEAUTIFUL WORLD OUR HEARTS KNOW IS POSSIBLE by Charles Eisenstein? Brilliant..

    And I have a new book coming out: LOVING IT ALL;LIVING WITH AN AWAKENING HEART….ain’t life grand?(big smile)

    Much love, David

    1. Hi David, Thanks for your generous comments, and clues to further inspiration. I will certainly follow these leads. I think many can be glad of Uranda’s inspiration, well beyond those who heard his voice on audio tapes. much love to you and family, Paul

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