Inspiration at Leonora Western Australia

I recently read an article by Rod McGuirk in The Guardian by Khaled Hosseini.  It was inspiring because I had observed the same bravery as described in the McGuirk article.

Some years ago, I had a contract at a detention centre at Leonora Detention Centre.  It was at a time when many were fleeing from their home country, as there was a danger of being killed by terrorists entering their home countries.  My job was to offer empathic counselling to these refugees and I admired their bravery escaping their home countries.

One instance was especially impressive. A refugee came in for counselling and reassurance that he was safe in Australia.  He was afraid to sit with his back to the window in my room for fear that someone in the yard would shoot him.  I reassured him that there would be no enemies in Australia and that he was safe here.

It was my job to reassure him that he was safe here and that the Australian Police were going to home countries to check identities for refugees, as they would be taken into Australia as refugees.  It seemed unbelievable that this was case for many from his homeland. It would be unbelievable that this would be the case.  Like many in his position, this inspiring idea was unlike people in the home country could expect.

It is gratifying and inspiring that this is the case in Australia, just as my own country Canada.  The contrast is large for these refugees and thus inspiring as well!




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