An Inspiring Author

I met Maria Middlestead many years ago.  A Canadian, she had emigrated to New Zealand became a multi-award winning Clinical Nutritionist and author with more than 40 years’ experience. She eventually publishing a special books including Recipes For A Long And Delicious Life and The Shape Diet.  She also became a presenter in a spiritually oriented group, contributing much beyond food and toward healthy living.

Recently, she sent me an article published in the internet magazine IDEAS.TED.COM.  It was entitled: The two kinds of stories we tell about ourselves, by Emily Esfahani Smith

Emily  notes that one group are interested in stories that reflect interests in contributions to society and they are more likely to tell redemptive stories or transition from bad to good.  The opposite story types a “contamination story.”  These were people who “learn” from situations that turn from good to bad.

Emily’s next discovery stated that Even making smaller story edits to our personal narratives can have a big impact on our lives.” One of the great contributions of psychology research is the idea that we can edit, revise and interpret the stories we tell about our lives even as we are constrained by facts. Even making smaller story edits can have a big impact on our lives. All of these ideas, learned and applied are inspiring!


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