Quality of ‘Presence’ and Being Inspired

Dr, Rick Hanson suggests: ‘seeing the person behind his eyes’, and he explains what he means by that phrase.

Rick says “Most of us wear a kind of mask, a persona that hides our deepest thoughts and feelings, and presents a polished, controlled face to the world. … Take a moment to relax and set aside your opinions about them and be open to who they really are, with their struggles, emotions, and hopes for happiness.  Let that recognition of the person behind the eyes show in your face and in your own eyes. Notice how this recognition changes the course of an interaction.-  Perhaps softening it, making it more authentic, leading to a good resolution more gently and quickly.”

Here Dr Hanson enters a meditative state and shows the discipline needed.  He can promise such an encounter will be inspiring. He knows the encounter will be satisfying.  Constant self-monitoring can contribute to a drop in self-esteem.


I hope you enjoy my new shorter style. Now in my eightieth year, this is the length I am most comfortable writing, and I will continue these short posts every few weeks.


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