Pondering the transpersonal

As I put the finishing touches to my forthcoming book, I have been reflecting a lot about the power of the transpersonal.

My first memory of this was as a teen, when I first experienced the transpersonal with a horse. He was helping me tow logs out of the woods for firewood. This wonderful animal was a solid part of our lives, although I no longer remember his name—only his presence.

Anyone who has worked alongside a large animal knows how easy it is to find yourself underfoot, or in the way. But, I found that even when I placed my feet carelessly, the horse would react to my dangerous footwork and would gently move his foot away so as not to stand on me.  It seemed he could use his sensitivity to avoid a situation that might hurt me.

Later, in life I began to notice when I would call a person on the phone and hear them say: “I was just thinking of you and the phone rang!”  At first, I thought that the person on the phone was ‘telepathic’ as I had been listing to people explain such a thing.  Yet, this happened too often to attribute their skill to call it ‘telepathic’. It could be that people were just being polite, but yet it still happened too often to attribute it to that answer either.

As I grew and started to study, I heard of so many of these similar experiences and came to understand that these transpersonal facilities are wide-spread among people.

We sometimes call them good vibes or bad vibes, to explain something intangible in our encounters with others. Good vibes seem to depict someone’s idea of another person’s good character and bad vibes suggested caution is needed.

I have concluded that these experiences are evidence of our collection of memories in daily experience of people, in which we build ideas of their character. This good/bad contrast is so important that we begin to develop a short-hand hint of character during interchanges–using conversations and experiences to reveal evidence of someone’s level of trustworthiness in our environment.

Obviously, more or less interaction and conversation with the other person is needed for each of us to pass the test. But I have noticed that women seem more astute about tapping into this wellspring—something often called ‘women’s intuition’ in popular culture.  Even after my experience over 80 years of life, my intuition still seems to be less than many women!  I am not suggesting that we men are less open to the transpersonal, we may be just a little less receptive to the hints around us.

Notwithstanding, the transpersonal is there to be seen and is no less inspiring!


One thought on “Pondering the transpersonal”

  1. Love the opening story. So good to ponder the higher planes of life. Logic needs perceptivity as a partner for thorough understanding.

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