Ancient Myths were Very Inspiring


This is one of many myths but thinking back to when I was learning Ancient and Medieval History,  I was facinated with the prevailing culture of telling stories and remembering Ancient Myths.  It was a time when television was not thought of nor even wished for.  Yet, the cinema began to answer cravings for the romance in stories of the heroics of special people, such as Joan of Arc.

As a teen, I was inspired by the myth of Hercules.  He was the Greek hero renowned for his strength and executive efficiency: his strength comprised a list of lesser heroes. But they were no match for this determined son of Zeus. A favourite character in film, books, TV, Hercules was inspiring when I was a youth wishing to have his strength.

Heracles was born in Thebes to the goddess Hera, wife of Zeus, who was jealous of the child and attempted to do away with him.  She sent serpents into his crib when he was just seven days old, but the newborn happily strangled the snakes.  Alcmene tried to get ahead of the problem and bring Hercules to Hera directly, leaving him at the doorstep of Olympus. Hera unwittingly suckled the abandoned babe, but his superhuman strength caused her to cast the infant from her breast: The spittle of goddess-milk that ensued created the Milky Way.

The candy of life can make us fat!  So it is with inspiration.  Does the ego mind of Western Society’s “rat-race” have to be fed or can we settle for smaller morsel?



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