Accidental Insights are Inspiring

Several years ago, I had an insight that privately guarantees relief from apparently being judged as a moron! I met this person and wanted to talk with them, but I happened to mention that, on that day, I needed to go to the chemist.  Well, I immediately got instructions to go to the nearest one. I habitually concluded that this person was the eldest among several siblings in a family that expected them to offer insights and guidance to the younger less experienced children. Little did they know that as a first-born and I would understand the occurrence of their giving instructions.

Family dynamics seem to produce unnecessary assumptions, and thinking of this I remember a good friend, George Bullied in Canada. George was a Social Worker and was setting up a community of high-school dropouts, on rural land.  The land was donated by farmers. He had encouraged some young men, who had problems with alcohol and drugs, to live in the developing community as well.  He had some tents but, there was a need for hard buildings for the winter. George proposed building trendy geodesic domes and the young men were eager to build these, learning as they went.

I should mention that the young men with problems were also feeling like social outcasts from the “straight” community. Thus, George was offering guidance to the young men, and he wrote a motto:

“What’s right with you is the point. What’s wrong with you is beside the point!”

All this consideration of First-borns may seem superfluous but we need to see a social responsibility.   Also, we must come to understand that the first-borns are doing their duty and not consciously ‘intruding on our sovereignty’ of living our own lives.



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