Transcending is Inspiring

Dr Ken Wilber talked about Transcending, years ago. His idea was depicted in our imagination of experience of a child learning to ride a bicycle. This child is aware of how pedestrians walk, and can anticipate needed adjustments as they ride to avoid the pedestrians and other objects they might encounter as the ride.

This cyclist eventually learns to drive a car and has a similar perspective of cyclists. Later, this motorist learns to fly an aircraft and has a look, from above, at his hometown. Wilber’s idea of transcending to that lofty view in imagination is based on such a memory, that can be used to virtually anticipate things around the next corner.

 In my upcoming book, Surviving Doom, I talk of a committee of many selves and call the convenor of this committee a ‘Sun Centre.’ This was a cautious way of depicting spiritual being, having a physical experience, by playing the roles in a committee. I was alert that if I mentioned the word “spirit,” people would drop the book, thinking this is about ‘religion.’ We have all had the experience of what amounts to a sales pitch, by someone wishing to clarify the suffering in humanity from aberrations in the mass subconscious. Nevertheless, 18th Century poets used a lofty perspective like transcendence, that we could perceive a beautiful environment, with our Hearts.

I feel it is important to mention that my daughter was the initial instigator of this Blog, several years ago. She certainly deserves credit for her transcendent view of me. Although I was indoctrinated in a scientific approach to my counselling psychology training, I seem to have a transcendental perspective on life, perhaps due to modest beginnings, where only natural beauty could and did inspire me.

So, dear reader, treat yourself to some beauty in nature and become inspired.


5 thoughts on “Transcending is Inspiring”

    1. Dear Maria,
      I am grateful for your watchful eye and hope the weather is great there. Talking of offspring, my Margi has done some proof reading and I am glad. I wonder if your daughter is in touch as much as mine!
      I have a small collection of NZ coins to give to a Kiwi, who workes at the Juntion Centre where we have scrabble and other activities of late.
      Season’s greetings, your buddy, Paul

    2. Hi Maria, My daughter in KI has urged a memoir but she is urging an eBook to prepare of Amazon. I am just following the leader, as she has beem busy publishing her conservation books. I have fond memories and wish you a feastive time with folk at the “centre.” Love and blessings (the real kind) Paul

      *​Paul W Blythe, PhD * Being Inspiring

      6 /16 Buller St, Kingscote, South AUSTRALIA, 5223​ Pho​ne: +61 (0) 8 85533253

      On Sun, Jan 8, 2017 at 11:18 AM, Being Inspiring wrote:


    1. Thanks Karen, Your smile is inspiring and as you are determined to keep smiling, it will be a great “start off my 2017 in an Inspiring way!” By the way, your upper case i in “Inspiring” connots a link with the Creator. So you an Angel to all who see your smile.
      Happy New Year, Paul

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