Innate Intelligence is Inspiring

Innate Intelligence is a special idea used in the Palmer School of Chiropractic in USA and other parts of the world. I was introduced to it many years ago when I lived in Canada.

I had suffered a cross-country skying fall and my knee was swollen.  Some time before this, I had met Dr. Joseph Houlton, a neighbour and a Chiropractor. He used to say: “The Chiropractor does the adjustment but Innate Intelligence does the healing.” He also gave me a paper called “The Story of “That Something” by B J Palmer, the founder of the first Palmer School of Chiropractic in USA. The paper called: The Story of “That Something.

The story begins like this: “Then Randolph turned to me: ‘Man, write that story you’ve told us. Write is so that every man may read….” The story goes on as another man continues to talk of his search for “That Something.” However, eventually, it mentions many instances where living a life of service, at times even without pay.

Personally, as I have been living many years in a life of purpose. Thus, I have learned if and when I am On Purpose. Yet, perhaps it is by the help of Innate Intelligence. Approaching the age of 80, I look back at all the great things that have happened to me. Yet, how does “being on purpose” relate to Innate Intelligence?

Some years back, I became interested in caring for honey bees. At the time I was studying at university toward three degrees in Psychology. I have come to see that Innate Intelligence is expressed in the bee hive by the way scouts enter the hive and express this by regurgitating pollen and nectar, then by dancing a triangular dance which tells carriers the direction and distance of the source. Also, the hive is self regulating according to the momentary needs for food needed by the brood and choosing “royal jelly” for the larvae of new “queens” and yet an another food for eventually creating “drones” which will fly and mate with a new queen so she can take over the duty of birthing scores brood which become future workers, drones and potential queen’s.

Also, before a day that is going to be a hot day, scouts and carriers with cease their yesterday work so scouts and carriers will switch to carrying water, and many in the hive begin fanning their wings to have necessary water cooling so that the hive doesn’t melt in the heat. Actually, I have commented on this whole process as evidence of the spiritual presence of “a higher power,” thus attending to the need for the continuing existence of bees on our planet.

If people are sceptical of the Chiropractic idea of Innate Intelligence doing the healing as the practitioner does the adjustment, we have to take account of the bees and many other wonders such as photosynthesis of leaves turning toward the sun and the homing “instinct” of birds other creatures.

To conclude this consideration of Innate Intelligence, I would add that, in my counselling work, I have accommodated to the idea of transpersonal communication. I sense that this is also evidence of Innate Intelligence, although some might be sceptical. My evidence of this is a common experience. Many have the experience when they phone a person and hear them say: “I was thinking of you just before you phoned me!”


5 thoughts on “Innate Intelligence is Inspiring”

  1. Well, here is my dear friend writing yet another awesomely inspiring entry! How are you my friend? It is such a true thing, this Innate Intelligence, and we would do well to keep it active in our daily lives. How funny you should mention the Palmer Chiropractic College, as it is just down the road from my home in Silicon Valley! I think about you all the time and you always seem to sense it when you send out your latest email! Thank you for sharing!

  2. The Shekinah pattern of Bee-ing !
    Long lost to human beings…but what a marvel it must have been if the bees are any indication.
    Best wishes Paul.

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