The Kindness of Strangers is Inspiring

Recently, Reader’s digest was devoted to stories about kindness. I have copied these just as they came off the pages. Some are surprising but all seem inspiring:

  • A man in a supermarket in the checkout line gave flowers to a woman ahead of him in line. He said his mother was in hospital with cancer but she said he should not waste money bringing her flowers.  She got cross about money being “wasted” but he should find something else to do with his money and giving away his mother’s flowers each day was his solution!
  • Jim was in the construction field and ran into an old friend who was looking hard for work “to make ends meet at home.” Jim went to the office and submitted his retirement paper work and as a replacement, suggested that old friend.  Six years after that his friend was still in that job and feeding his family.
  • Another contributor mentioned that while a woman was going through a divorce, worried about a lack of income, plus bills and a need to buy groceries, etc. Yet, she started finding boxes of food at the front door in the morning.  This went on for months before she landed a job. Also, she never found out who left those groceries, but it truly saved their lives!
  • One evening, I left a restaurant just ahead if a woman assisting her elderly mother.  I approached a step up and paused to see if my arthritic knees could climb it. To my right appeared an arm to assist.  It was that of the elderly mother.  My heart was certainly touched.

It appears that this sort of kindness is contagious!

  • Two fire-fighters were waiting in line at a fast food restaurant when the siren sounded on their fire engine parked outside.  As they turned to leave, a couple who’d just received their order, handed their food to the fire-fighters. The couple then got back in line to reorder.  Doubling down on their selfless act, the manager refused to take their money.


  • When my friend and I were injured in a car accident, a family from out of state stopped to help.  Seeing we were hurt, they drove us to the hospital and stayed there until we were released.  They took us home, got us food, and made sure we were settled in.  Amazingly, they interrupted their holiday to help us.

This has been a short post but lives up to the title!



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