Recenty, 151 leaders of many of the world’s governments met in Paris, France. Admittedly, this process was also undertaken some years ago, without the desired outcome. This should be toward lowering “greenhouse gases,” which hover just below the ionosphere of the Earth. The “greenhouse” effect is to block excess heat, accumulating during the day, from escaping into the ionisphere. Thus, the term greenhouse, which lets in sunlight and holds heat under a glass roof. I should say that “greenhouse gases” are composed of a kind of smoke exhaust particles from burning fossil fuel used in the worlds engines and the rotting of organic matter.

The effect of this situation has caused “global warming,” which is observed as an increased melting in the polar ice caps. These melting ice caps result in rising sea levels and warming in the oceans increases the chance of devastating storms on sea shores world-wide. Also, the weather is more threatening of draught, unruly storms damaging conditions from agriculture with both plants and animals. Clashing storms cause thunder and lightning strikes. All these effects seem usual in our life experience but global warming causes these things to happen in a more extreme way. Also, lightning often starts fires in the bush, and burning crops and buildings.

What’s so inspiring about this? The inspiring part is that 151 governments in the world will do their best to examine the human processes that cause the greenhouse gases. It all comes down to using fossil fuels to power our processes on the planet. Fortunately, especially for sunny Australia, solar and wind power can and will be harnessed in a big way. Those countries with less sunshine will make devices to harness the wind. Also, USA has experimented with wide expanses of solar panals and this is a very useful. For some years hydro-electric power stations in Canada, USA, and Tasmania, generate electricity by harnessing falling water as many rivers start on high ground and gradually flow toward the sea. Australia, with plenty of open space will likely choose solar power and already many homes have solar panels on the rooves.   However, with many open spaces and plenty of room for an expanse of solar panels and the noisy wind generators.  Australia could be powered by these alone and not use fossil fuels at all.  Yes, this implies the need for electric cars and trucks!

I am inspired as world governments “grasp the nettle” and make attempts to correct the current situation. It is easy for some governments to blame others for the problem but we are all contributers, even trees, animals and human beings release waste into the environment with eventual roting, thus contributing to a increased quantity of green house gases. Thus, the blame game is futile but human beings have the intelligence and initiative if they decide.  A very wise relative sent me a card, some months ago when I was struggling to find work. The card said: “Everything is possible, you just need to Decide!”

There is another point to you reading this short post!  Early in the start of this Blog, I mentioned that Rupert Sheldrake had proposed “morphic fields” in the mass subconscious.  Once these are accessed by a curious mind, the fields grow and they become more and more accessible.   Some readers will recall an idea of “the hundredth monkey” forming a critical mass for other monkeys on remote islands picking up ideas from the mass subconscious.   I can certainly thank you for reading this post as, doing so, you have just contributed to the mass subconscious and the ease of others who read such things later!



  1. Some practical and vibrational steps include minimising packaging, dairy and red meat; keeping a reusable shopping bag in your car or handbag; and minimising car use by walking, using public transport, or grouping localised errands together rather than taking individual trips. Individuals who lead in such small ways help create the tipping point into societal change. And it helps your health and saves you money!

    1. Fully agree with you Maria. These small actions also create momentum that government see. They recognise the trends. While the Paris Agreement was a terrific step forward, it is only an agreement to act (and a flawed one at that). Climate change has not gone away and there is a considerable amount all levels of society still need to do.
      What is most useful right now is the optimism that we can.The change in tone is palpable across the media (perhaps a morphic field!)
      Promoting that optimism will help us in the difficult, change filled, days to come.

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