Inspired by Stillness

Our busy mind sometimes blinds us to inspiring things, waiting to be experienced. The Buddhist idea of Mindfulness Meditation, has recently swept across the Western world. It is now often used in psychotherapy, when a client is perplexed by incessant thoughts that threaten their experience of the blessings in life, because of a complaining mind.

A doctor friend, who I admire for his willingness to “take the plunge” as he moved away from his long-time home to offer spiritual leadership some years ago, recently offered this statement on his regular Blog post: “Here’s [a poem] I wrote whilst sitting nestled at the base of a gum tree, relaxing against its trunk:

The flowering gum

Cushions my weary body

Gracefully accepting

And supporting me

As a duck gathers

Her young under wing

Soft rounded mountains

Welcome all

To this simple observance –

“Be still;

Be still;

Be still some more;

And then know the Truth”

This is no silence

As the orchestra of bird calls

Tunes up for this day;

As the winds caress the trees

Now gentle, healing

Now rushing, like rising surf;

As parrots’ screeching whistle

Calls “Attention! Attention!”

Yet this is stillness;

Eternal stillness;

There is no hurry me.

There is nowhere to go-

Just stillness;

Deep, deep stillness

Touching my soul

And I know.

This all arose from being in a place of stillness and inner silence.  It still inspires me to read what poured out at that time from a doctor friend!

Imagine what YOU might discover in a time of silence, stillness?   What riches lie inside you awaiting your attention?  What might you notice in nature that passes you by because you’re so busy?   Here’s to the ease in Life!” by Dr Andrew Horwood


I welcome your thoughts and comments

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