:-) Inspiration From “IamIONS”

Here is my most inspiring message, since I reported on Morphic Fields in the mass subconscious from Dr. Rupert Sheldrake:

“IamIONS is my most recent message from this organization, founded my Edgar Mitchell, inspired by his view of the planet:

“Dear Paul, We hope you are as truly awed as we are by the collective expression of noetic values, transformative experiences, and applications that is the I Am IONS campaign.  Here are just a few snippets of inspiration from the story stream.

” I realized each family had its own world, each person lived in their  own universe. This began my study of, and growth in, consciousness…”

“It’s important that we now join together and aspire to return to ‘the garden’…and stop talking about the world out there as though it was separate from ourselves…”

“It is through restoring consciousness of the difference between the mind and the ultimate self that we can equip individuals for healing…”

Hear more amazing stories, and don’t forget to share your own We invite you to make your voice heard!

Adam Curry, Entangled

Julia Mossbridge, Neuroscientist

Menas C Kafatos, Quantim physicist

Nelson Barry

Please, make a contribution today to help foster the movement that is taking root all around the planet. The world is beginning to glow with inspiration, creativity, and abundance, but this inner flame requires continual stoking to grow strong.

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