Inspiration Can Come From Angels

Recently, I have been writing a memoir. The working title is Touched by Angels.  In a recent post I mentioned that we are spirits in physical bodies. Also, we are most inspired when we are pursuing our Purpose in Life in our primal spirituality.  So, it makes sense that our physical bodies can carry the spirits that we are.  In my memoir, I reflect on people who have impacted me in a way that I was urged toward activities that end up being “On Purpose.” Reflecting on early events in my memoir, I began to question myself: “Is this an angelic intervention by a person who seems interested in my well being and more so, my success in life?” 

The word angel in English is derived from the Greek word Angelos, meaning Messenger! So, this line of thinking seems to make sense. Several people have emailed comments on various posts on this Blog-site.  Usually, they convey a sense of resonance with my posts or parts thereof.  If we are inspired it seems to be because we are brought back to “something [we] always knew,” but we may have thought that idea is, in scientific terms, is not “evidence based.”  Thus, we didn’t mention it to others. The reason for the title for this post, Inspiration Can Come From Angels, is to suggest that I am of the opinion that, it is true, but my scientific training whispers: “don’t say that, it isn’t based by scientific evidence.”  It’s a little like Galileo saying that the “Earth and other planets orbited around the Sun,” when “everybody knew” the Sun and planets orbited around our Earth. If I say and you agree that we are all spirits in human bodies, you might say: “Don’t say that, it isn’t based by scientific evidence.”  However, I have had no emails from people who read my Blog-post when I didn’t declare scientific evidence.  Either the idea was accepted or if it was rejected, it seemed a waste of time to email and set me straight.

As a matter of fact, The Institute of Noetic Science in California, is promoting scientific study of phenomena of a spiritual nature. There is something about the Greek word Angelos, meaning Messenger, which seems to resonate with our sense of Purpose in Life.  For me, my Purpose in Life seems to be helping others to overcome ambiguity and at least encourage them by agreeing with their sense of purpose. I think the ambiguity is like Galileo’s problem, his tendency to “walk in the opposite direction of the parade,” which was usually greeted with puzzlement, or even blatant objection.  I have been a registered Psychologist for some years, yet someone who has a sense of my spiritual reality.  However, many in my field have negative reactions to such an “unscientific” ideas.  If they confront me, I ask: “How do the bees in a hive know they must change their carrier’s activities to bring water and the ones inside all become ventilators fanning their wings, thus water cooling and saving the hive from melt-down?”  The usual answer is “instinct.”  I wonder out load how their little brains can manage instinct. Thus, your inspiration will come from your own heart as a resonance of this message.  I think we seek inspiration because our minds need to focus on problems or challenges of life.  Dr. Viktor Frankl has written in his book Will to Meaning:  “The meaning of life is derived from taking responsibility for the challenges set before us.”  Taking such responsibility can be inspiring to us as well as others.


One thought on “Inspiration Can Come From Angels”

  1. Reblogged this on Angel 4 Light. I welcome this initiative from angel4light because the Greek for messenger is Angelos. Her Light is inspiring on her Blog, to the extent that she is willing to use my ideas. Love and blessings to angel 4 light, Paul

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