Take The Lid Off Your Inspiration

Recently, I have learned that we don’t love ourselves enough.  This seems to be the result of some cultural cross currents.  While we love our spouse, children and grandchildren as well as loving interchanges of good or long time friends, many of us get involved in day-to-day work.  This leads to thinking of things that could be improved in our work lives.  Also, fears creep in and worry takes over.  This takes us away from self-awareness because our attention is on problems and other matters.  I call these cultural cross currents because, I seems to me, we neglect those little pats on our own back for good jobs, well done. Years ago, when I was a teen, working in a resort hotel, a mile or so up the river I lived beside.  In those days, the tourists were glad to get away from “the rat race,” as they called it.  It was clear to them that a “vacation” was needed to regain aliveness for them.  Even the owner of the resort hotel had a car repair shop that was his main source of income. Yet, he found fulfilment in operating the resort for three months of the year.

I think back to that resort hotel where the tourists and the owner had time to appreciate their surroundings and the people sharing this experience. I think this is self-care, as our “vacation” is away from the day-to-day problems of working in our Western society, that is relentless in its flow. In many cases, this change of routine allows a sort of healing influence that would prevent health problems that beset the less fortunate, who can’t take a “vacation.” I have been aware for many years that Louise Hay published a book called “You Can Heal Your Life” in 1984.  We might ask why we need to heal our lives and this author also wrote:  “I Can Do It – The Power of Thoughts and Affirmations.” I remember working with the affirmations book on the plane when travelling on my own speaking tours.  In those days, I was sure we needed to heal our lives, because of the incessant need for our minds to be two steps ahead of what might happen. Her book: “Self love-Body Healing – Guided Meditation” is one of Louise Hay’s most important contributions, even though I have also pointed to the ego as a cause of schisms between people.

The topic of meditation has been present in my blog posts as it is definite source of inspiration.   Yet, I think “Self-love” is an important consideration because our educational system fosters fear of making mistakes. Our science is about critical analysis and the repair trades are busy “trouble shooting!”  Yet, I found a refreshing and inspiring presenter who teaches “Mirror Work.”  Yes, he learned it from Louise Hay and the exercise is to look in a mirror and say “I Love You.” The presenter’s name is Dr. Robert Holden. In Holden’s presentation, he admits that he had heard of “mirror work” but just didn’t get around to doing it.  No doubt, if he is like most of us, a situation arose, where he had to take that step in the right direction.  Let me say that “Self-love” is not about bolstering our egos.  It implies that we are worthy of love and we must not deny our worthiness!  If you go to the URL below, you can save it to your favourites, and you can plan to see a series of three video presentations of about 15 minutes each.  http://www.louisehay.com/lovingyourself-video1 This three session series promises:

  • A Boost in Your Self-Esteem
  • Confidence in your inner guidance system
  • Awareness of your soul gifts
  • More love and compassion in relationships

I would add that it would open you again to those inspiring aspects of daily life and you are more likely to see a chance to inspire others.  I have been singing in bass in the four-part harmony of a barbershop chorus for eight years and I am certain that our “sing-outs” are a two way street of inspiration!


3 thoughts on “Take The Lid Off Your Inspiration”

  1. Thank you, Paul, for the post. I agree that self-love, self-acceptance even if difficult to feel and practice make our lives and ourselves better. I followed the attached mirror exercise and this time it seemed more natural than the previous time I came across it.

  2. Valuable points and lovely to have them connected with your personal story. You get a pat on the back!

    1. Thank you Maria, Yes, connected with my personal story. I have been noticing interesting authors do that. It is much more inspiring than writing a sparse psychological report !! 🙂

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