Create Your Way to an Inspiring and Happy Life

My Blog posts have featured Mindfulness, Whole Heartedness, and attention to the Noetic Sciences, because we must surmount society’s tendency to produce anger and fear, in a competitive, greedy world, if we are to get happy and stay happy.  Recently, I have also emphasized that wisdom of our Hearts can lead us to an inspiring and happy life that is “On Purpose” for the reason we were born.  THE POWER OR THE HEART (video) has suggested that without credence given to our Hearts, we are in danger of missing out on things and events that will carry us along the path to our Purpose for being born.  I suggest you ask: “What is inspiring?”  Is it not someone or something that touches our Heart, with a “Yes!” answer for our inquiring mind?  In the above-mentioned video, we saw that a hunted women  whose tribe was decimated by the enemy began to think of Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa and others who had suffered, and how they could forgive the adversaries. This realization was strong enough for her to forgive the man who killed several members of her family.  I see this as of the Heart, and influencing the mass consciousness, especially when it becomes a subject of which huge numbers will be inspired and will learn!

I have been watching Dr. Rick Hanson develop his Foundations of Well-Being program. Some readers may know he is a Neuro-psychologist, who co-authored a book called Buddha’s Brain, which focused on happiness and fulfilment, overcoming the fear and anger that the mind has been taught to produce in frustrating situations.  I am certain that we must make changes in what Dr Carl Jung called: “the collective unconscious.” It has been messing with people’s brains for a long time, promoting self-centred independence, and triggers to the sympathetic nervous system producing our fight or flight responses to situations that can be handled otherwise.

I have written about the Institute of Noetic Sciences who use science to study ways to impact the Mass Consciousness and Dr. Hanson’s initiative has many perspectives for us to learn.  He has put together a number of ideas and methods that help us change our brain, thus having more control over the sympathetic nervous system and thus to let the brain ease back into the attitude of “all is OK, we can handle it!”  We don’t need to get upset and compromise the voice of the Heart. If you are interested in this you can visit to check out the scope if the people and elements of their program.  There is a lot to do, to overcome the current Zeitgeist that is so easy to buy into but it is so dangerous for our true health and happiness.

Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of NOW, has an interesting parable on Enlightenment. A stranger had nothing to give the beggar but asked what was in the box the beggar sat upon for years. Next, the stranger asked him to open it and have a look. They found it was filled with gold.  We may not view ourselves as beggars but Enlightenment is our gold when it is discovered. Thus, the stranger has nothing to teach, but to help us discover our gold leading to our Enlightenment.  So, it is with Dr. Hanson.

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