Following Your Heart

I have chosen the title, Following Your Heart, because when I have done this, things work out for the better. I am not saying that this will always keep us happy with roaring success. Yet, our Heart has its own wisdom and the mind has been conditioned by parent’s ideas, and other sources in a society that teach from false Gods in our quest for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I say false Gods because these have been worshipped by a very well organised religion that preaches the benefits of greed, egotism, self-centred independence and disregard for others’ rights including the other species on the planet.

It is interesting that the word Heart, contains the word art. Not all of us can paint a picture, do sculpture or even take good photographs. Yet, there is an art to living by trusting and following our Hearts. These days, many people realize that we are Spiritual beings having a physical experience, which brings our planet back under the control of God the Creator. Let’s face it. Our planet Earth was doing quite well before human populations were not explosively large. Hearts of the explorers found beauties never beheld by humans. It makes sense to me to think that what is attractive in babies as a Pioneering Spirit, to explore the environment for the first time, to their great joy. As the baby grows, it compromises its exploration to accommodate adult wishes, in some cases, for their own safety. Yet, the Heart begins to guide from inside, the interests and aptitudes, which psychologists measure as a sense of direction or Purpose for the special kind of art on the individual’s Heart.

In my past experience, I have found that I want to write or teach things that were lacking in my early life. I also wanted to learn about a wide variety of compromises that prevent a person from listening to the intuition of their Heart. I eventually realized that this was not just for my own sake but for the Purpose I came on Earth.  My Heart guided me to help others avoid compromises. I hope you can learn from my experience and learn that happiness and loving what you are doing is a signal that you are guided by your Heart and not by your mind, although the mind can learn to appreciate the wisdom of the Heart.


3 thoughts on “Following Your Heart”

  1. HEART…..HEAR with your EAR the ART of your HEART. Very important tasks contained in one word. We too often miss the clues our heart sends to us and we miss opportunities to act on things that will enhance our lives in many ways. I recently had an offer at work for a new position, and when I heard the words, I literally could hear my heart beating and becoming warm. I knew that was my cue to accept the invitation to change my situation. I will be able to teach others how to listen to their own hearts and develop the empathy, compassion, and passion for what they do.

  2. Thank you, Paul. I am finding that the heart needs protection in these days and that being careful about the mental and spiritual surround is essential.

    1. I think our minds have ignored impulses from the heart, hoping that education was the way. A way that is rational rather arational. I taught students about empathy for years, without developing a respect for signals from the Heart. I think it is our spiritual radio receiver of messages from Above!

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