Maintain Your Natural Inspiration By Handling Fear and Disappointment

In most recent post, I was applauding a DVD called THE POWER OF THE HEART. One person commented that Lao Tzu had three things to teach: “simplicity, patience and compassion.” Yet, the fearful mind sees these as: “stupidity, laziness and sentimentality.” It is important to understand, that the Heart can be troubled by a “fearful mind” or disappointment, even angry thoughts.

I noticed that the Heart has power to energize us toward actions that are “On Purpose.” One commentator in the video said that as a young person, he wanted to be a writer. Yet, parents tried to persuade him that he would never make much money as a writer. However, he dropped out of law school and turned to his Heart’s desire! I have known several people who did the same sort of thing. In vocational counselling, I found this was often the case. Our elders are well intentioned but are thinking with their heads, when power and wisdom are of the Heart.

Recently, I was given a book written by Michelle Stanton, called The Timeless World; Debunk Your Fears and Discover Heaven on Earth. Right in this title, we can see that, if we think in the past or future, some ideas may be formed that are not true. Also, we may believe these ideas because we remember them from a respectable source, or a traditional way of thinking. Thus, if we debunk the ideas including emotional connotations, asking if they are true, we can be free of the emotions, which keep us from our Heart’s desire!

Stanton’s timeless world turns out to be a reality when we are in “The Zone.” She points out that sportspeople, performing at their peak, call the Timeless experience “the Zone.” It is experienced in many ways such as “falling in love,” or business people might call it “a moment of brilliance.” I recall a surfer ride inside a tunnel of air formed by a high wave spilling over his head, as he glided the almost endless slope of water ahead of him. He called it “the sweet spot.” Many reading this man have their own memory of a “timeless” moment in “the Zone” or “The Sweet Spot.” The point is that it is an experience that doesn’t support negative emotions, such as fear, anger and disappointment. Therefore, these emotions do not interfere with the wisdom of the Heart. This being the case, we can debunk these inhibitions by asking: “Is it true?” Do we have to have these negative emotions as constant companions or can we put some trust in our Hearts?

Another commentator on the video being reviewed was Eckert Tolle, who wrote a book called: “The Power of Now.” I will not use his words but they indicate that “enlightenment” to a spiritual seeker, is developing a Mindfulness of something, like the breath, happening in the present moment, now and now and now. During this activity, we can discover a sort of peace and contentment that can bring us in contact with our Heart, which may have some wisdom to convey! After all, our minds seem determined to find solutions to dilemmas, which can cause difficult emotions, by going off in a variety of tangents, like “What if…?”

Michelle Stanton shares the intellectual understanding required to debunk your fears is necessary to “experience this magical world for yourself.” Thus, with the use of two simple tools, you can discover the Zone and “Heaven on Earth.”