Being ON-Purpose Is Inspiring, Because We Were BORN INSPIRED!

Let’s just consider this title for a moment. Many people grow into adulthood without feeling a sense of purpose. Some of us are influenced as children to copy our parents or relatives.  Also, some tendency to voice our sensing of a life purpose can be discouraged because is seems impractical to “adults.” This happened in my family of origin, so much so, that I didn’t have words for my Purpose In Life (PIL for short) until my late twenties, and then I was reluctant to share some ideas until I met “the Love of my life.”  Of course, ideas around PIL often show up in a variety of contexts, thus making it hard to describe your PIL even in our own private thoughts and experiences. In my experience, of teaching counselling skills, I was urged to define empathy. It seemed best to say it was like a creative act of discovery so, in counselling, it would seem that the Helper (having unconsciously taken on the persona of The Creator) would get a hint of “heart awareness” that a feeling belonged to the Helpee.  Also, if the Helper revealed his discovery to the Helpee, they may well show a surprising sense of accuracy, and for a bonus, the Helpee to explore about the cause of the feeling and wonder what would cause such a sense of accuracy? I personally felt that my PIL was to serve others in their wish to solve the mysteries of life.  I marvelled at newborn babies, enamouring the adults in their lives with a natural desire to explore their surroundings.  I saw this as what many might call a Pioneering Spirit. It was apparently a stong need to explore, using all there five senses.  Thus, there was a constant desire to take in sensations from their five senses and a desire to enact the creative act of discovery mentioned above, and with an apparent hunger for learning. Yet, they constantly learned.  I had constantly wondered at my PIL to help others but for what reason? Eventually, I came to understand that our existence in a world of time, which has appeared to be a necessary dimension of existence.  Yet, of late, I have realized that we exist in three dimensions: Physical, Mental & Spiritual. These dimensions have been at the heart of Dr Viktor Frankl’s ideas although in order to avoid a misinterpretation of Spiritual (as many would see a connotation of organized Religion, which seems to have been more political than charitable). Yet, as the title suggests, and little babies convince us that we were born as Spiritual beings. But why?  One suggestion offered by The Course In Miracles is that we are created by The Creator for purposes related to our creation.  Moreover, we can see that human existence in the time-oriented experience of humans, belies the true inheritance of Spirituality.  Our inheritance from our Creator is compromised by the apparent pressures, that people have devised to understand and attempt to live in peace.  These pressures on our new offspring have created a hellish existence for many of us.  Thus, without much thought, one could see that my PIL was to not only “help” people but to some-how offer a perspective of a Spiritual Being, as an example of the “Free Spirit” who is not compromised by faulty ideas of our collective Purpose In Life.  I have noticed we have an abundance of information to support this perspective. Recently, a friend, who has been a poet for some years offered the following poem on his website:    Here is Don Hynes’ Poem entitled:

One Timeless Touch

What comes of our being

together those few hours

then apart in the dark,

untethered and floating

like birds on a blasting wind,

searching into the unknown

for a moment of certainty,

one timeless touch

on the grounding shore

of a wave cast sea.


2 thoughts on “Being ON-Purpose Is Inspiring, Because We Were BORN INSPIRED!”

  1. I’m glad you mentioned the issue of Spirituality and Religion being actually separate, yet often thought of together. I too believe we are born with the spiritual being within, which will be brought out as we grow older and collect life experiences. Religion, on the other hand, is what we will choose when we reach the age of understanding we need in order to make a choice of where we will fit in an organized belief system. We are born to have a PIL; however, it is for us to learn from those before us, as in our parents, how to find the “logos” in our life that will help us create that PIL using that we were born with. Your first sentence tells much of the story of my work with people who grew up without a sense of their life purpose, having learned some definition of “normal” and “meaning” from their own parents that is more negative than positive.
    Too many times, my adult clients can recall as a child being told by the “adults” that their ideas of purpose and meaning were impractical, as you stated, and not worthy of exploration. They had little choice but to “copy” their parents, which in the end, created a new adult who did not feel any purpose in his or her life, and therefore became the emotionally damaged and suicidal person facing me. I believe the physical, mental, and spiritual cannot exist apart from each other. These three dimensions are basically joined at the hip, as if organs connected by the same blood vessels.
    More thoughts later……thanks for sharing, as always!

    1. Hi Karen, Of course you have the matter on the nail-head and that we must push through these beliefs of old people who have been discouraged their ideas on Purpose in Life that are more indicative and less detractive.
      I have had conversations with many who have a sense of PIL but need to find a way to embody that! It is a fact that a member of the Chiropractic community had a PIL, somewhat generalised but who was on the right track with Chiropractic theory that the Chiropractor does the adjustment and “INNATE INTELLIGENCE” does the healing. Can we see that the Innate Intelligence was that of the Holy Spirit, born in their childhood?

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