The Most Inspiring Person I Have Ever Seen

In the last post, I emphasized the importance of courage in the face of possible failure. This idea of possible failure was reinforced by previous experiences of many of the teenaged singers. While I was growing up in a poor and often violent home, I personally got to know my own possible failures to do what was expected. Thus, at 18, leaving that home I found more charitable one allowed me to experience a life with very few failures to please the adults I was living with for a couple years. Yet, some years later I had a chance to practice courage and determination, first in the Canadian army. I could have felt that failure may be possible, but the inspiration and encouragement of life in that charitable family, was the definite contrast to my “family of origin,” that I needed.

Some years, after army life, I met the woman who would by my wife for 44 years. The inspiration of a loving partner, made me determined to pass on, to others, the acceptance and respect which was the basis of our marriage. Little did I know that this was pointing to my purpose in life. It took some years for the thought that I was actually born with this purpose and my difficult times were to give me the experience of others in a world whole are victims of disrespect, prejudice and self-centredness in society.

In the early years of our marriage, I had a chance to earn three degrees in Psychology over twelve years, while working to feed my wife and two children. Nevertheless, this was built on a number of opportunities and the encouragement of teachers and leaders in that workplace. We could say my courage was building over this time as well. I was in love with my late wife, Libby, of eventually 44 years and I had her encouragement along with some encouraging employers.

It was after those twelve years, our family came to Australia. I was offered a teaching position and eventually tenured for ten years here. I could say these ten years were my most successful and creative in my work life. After these ten teaching years, Libby and I, along with a few local Australians decided to establish a small spiritual community in the country. This certainly took courage but we were learning our way into the future and we all had the idea that we were spiritual beings, having a physical experience. Also, we held to a sense of purpose for being alive and doing what we were doing. It took courage for us to let life reveal our purpose day by day. Some may have had a keen sense of purpose but I think it was a gradual process for most of us.

I now come to the title: The Most Inspiring Person I Have Ever Seen. This person may have been born to inspire all who would learn of her existence. We might say she could have been born to teach us to go beyond courage and never say: “can’t!” I will leave you to find out for your selves in a wonderful five-minute video storey.

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What more can I say, with a person enacting Ghandi’s injunction:
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”