Spiritual Beings are Already Inspired!

(Already Inspired? If not, we just got distracted!)

My last post included the idea that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. I think that the acknowledgement of this, as a realistic idea, allows us to take spirituality for granted and therefore we can accept inspiring experiences. After all, we are already tuned into this as a reality. It seems reasonable that we are on the same wavelength, if we can accept that we are created by the same creator who made us “in the image and likeness,” of a Loving God who forgives transgressions or mistakes in our life long learning processes.  This picture includes that the idea that His/Her are off-spring all share an ability to love and to forgive all people.   We can see a unity that validates these ideas.

 Nevertheless, the above creation story included free will and minds, which could appreciate circumstances and create solutions to problems we might face. Also, there was (symbolic or not) a “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” and the admonition not to eat its fruit.  It is clear today that this fruit is eventually lethal.  We must consider this as we find, the field of psycho-somatic medicine holds that much illness is preceded with unwholesome thoughts such characteristics as “individualism,” which I wrote about some months ago.  I must admit that my wife’s early death was started from a chain reaction beginning with anger at herself, for “not standing up to [her] father who insisted she put [her first born] son up for adoption.” This took some years for an oestrogen blocking drug would protect her “good breast” after mastectomy, eventuating in early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

A dear friend, Dr. David Banner, sent me these words:  “Have you wondered why things seem to be getting worse all the time, despite all the government programs, law enforcement agencies, doctors, scientists, and others, trying their best to come up with solutions? Have you noticed that every solution offered brings unintended negative consequences? With all the bright people in the world, why are we facing imminent social, economic, political and environmental collapse? Until we can determine that a proposed solution will have only life-enhancing outcomes, we will continue to grope in the dark, trying to solve problems with only limited understanding—and the solutions offered by the limited, fear-based ego will never succeed.

The root problem lies with the ego, a fiction made up by our minds, assuming a separate self and a hostile world in which the ego needs to struggle and manipulate to survive. We cannot see reality from the stance of the ego; we can only see its projections based on the past. So our endless struggles will get us nowhere in trying to solve the world’s problems, because we cannot get there that way.” 

His solution to this is contained in his new book: LOVING IT ALL: LIVING WITH AN AWAKENING HEART (available for $12.95 at Amazon.com).  David said: “This book uses the spiritual technology of the Enneagram to illustrate the nine primary delusions of the ego, and shows how to use this tool to uncover the underlying virtues. Learn how to transcend the limited ego and move into a present-moment awareness of reality and the joy that it brings to you and to your world.”

(These thoughts parallel ideas I am reading from A Course In Miracles, published in 1976 by Foundation For Inner Peace.)


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