Inspiration Surrounds Us!

Early morning, I stood outside my home. It was quiet as commuters were all gone to work. Suddenly, silently, a young girl swooped past on her skateboard, one hand holding her long flowing hair.  She didn’t notice me as she was consumed with the experience of gliding.  She reminded me of “wingless flight” on my motorcycle (sold long ago) swooping and gliding on tree-lined streets. It’s an inspiration to be present in a quiet world of no fear, just the present moment, surrounded by beauty.  The girl wasn’t worried by the devaluation of the dollar in the finance report on TV.  June Singer, many years ago, pointed out that men in early twenties become androgynous, which allows me to have maternal instincts as well is a general love of nature.

Our world, at times, seems full of spectres engendering fear, or so it seems to our ego-minds.   Yet, the possibility of peace, beauty and love are always present. Even in the ugliest room in our work-place, a carpenter, in the past, was proud of accuracy of producing a piece of furniture,  at which we might be staring at in a moment of anger or disgust. In such, moments we can only experience Hell, and fail to see any beauty in our surroundings.  We can all relate to both of these experiences but we forget we have a choice.

Post number 15 was titled “Why Do We Say What We Say.”  I think we all say ideas we are working with in life and wish to test these with each other. The next post was titled “Random Acts Of Kindness,” which many do as a course of habit. Unexpected kindness is an inspiring instance, pointing out that our personal map of reality may not always match the territory.  I think many ill feelings are engendered when we trust our map and find it lets us down in a fluctuating world.  I guess I have learned that these experiences cause sadness and anger in us, and we must not judge ourselves harshly. Yes, we all have “an internal map of reality” which allows us to generalize in familiar situations but when the map doesn’t match the territory, our sympathetic nervous system is triggered and my produce a venomous reaction.  Recently, I was taking my favourite shortcut to the city centre, when suddenly I was stopped by a flag-man and made to wait for several minutes because of some construction work ahead. Many people might fume and fuss in such a situation, having no effect except to make themselves distressed.  Actually, since that time I have driven along that same stretch and found it to be the smoothest ride through the tree-lined street in the city.

Regret is a common experience early in life as our map of reality is taking shape and optimism is required though not often taught by adults.  Here’s were forgiveness makes sense as a life skill, let alone an inherent characteristic of our nature.

All the above, is my attempt to work out what the next blog-post must contain as well as a revelation to my own ego-mind, of which I am not proud and wish to change.  My fatherly love and admiration for my own daughter, along with other people’s offspring is as inspiring to me as the flowers in the back yard.


I welcome your thoughts and comments

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