Synchronicity and Being Inspired

This time that I write this, we are reaching the Solstice and nearing Christmas and the New Year.  It is a magical time for the children and many adults are looking forward to the New Year with optimism.  As many have read the posts from past weeks, I mentioned my feeling the importance of resonance or Heart to Heart connection.  In the past context, the resonance would seem to be more established between people. Of course, compassion would play a role in helping or counselling interviews, so the Heart to Heart resonance would contribute to accurate Empathy, which seems almost magically “causing exploration”, on the part of the Helpee. Yet, we can experience the Heart to Heart resonance in other ways, although a-rational (without reasoning), because Heart to Heart resonance can’t be readily understood by the conscious mind.

Recently, I met someone with whom, almost instantly, I experienced “synchronicity.”  Equally a-rational as is compassion and empathy, it is a Heart to Heart experience.  Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, in her book; Tao of Psychology has written:

  • Synchronicity, defined by Dr. Carl C. Jung as meaningful coincidence,’ is one way in which this [Heart to Heart] connection is expressed in our daily lives. The Eastern mind has considered the underlying connection between ourselves and others and between ourselves and the universe, the essential reality and called it the Tao.  For those who have felt the power of events and meetings that seem to contain meanings deeper than themselves, it can be a window on a world larger and more whole than the world of logical reasoning and concrete facts.”

I my recent experience, we both had some understanding of Buddhist principles, including Mindfulness Meditation, we were both able to comment on this “meaningful coincidence” and accept the circumstance, neither of us attempted to rationalize it.  Personally, I found it intriguing but mysterious.  Perhaps, if there were no synchronicity, we would not have met for a coffee and a walk along the beach.  I must say I have a few friends who fit into this category, where they contribute to my understanding of  “a Spiritual Life on Earth.”  In this case, my mind has registered a non-possessive “unconditional love,” which Dr Carl Rogers pointed out as a necessary condition to positive personality change and it has again found its way into what Dr. Jung calls the Collective unconscious.  It seems very much like learning our way to planetary health and harmony.  How inspiring can it get?

If we are OPEN to Dr. Viktor Frankl’s idea:The Meaning of Life is derived by taking response-ability for the Challenges set before us!”   I would be glad if you, dear reader, would see the possibility of “meaningful coincidence” in writing your reaction to this post. It could increase your chances of synchronicity in future!  Nevertheless, this comes with Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for 2014.


2 thoughts on “Synchronicity and Being Inspired”

  1. “Meaningful coincidence…” Thank you, Paul!
    The root is from Medieval Latin “coincidere”: co- together + incidere to occur, befall. Although in common usage “coincidence” suggests something by chance, it really means “somethings occurring together.” I agree that everything and everyone are connected, so synchronicity is far from rare, but occurring all the time. Life is one huge meaningful coincidence, and we’re right in the midst of it.

    1. Thank you John,
      I am grateful for your clarification but I guess some “meaningful coincidences” seem more impressive than others. I always appreciate your clarification without criticism, as I said some time ago the critical style predominates in the West, especially in politics. Season’s Greetings and thanks for your clarification over the past months too.
      Your buddy, Paul

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