Getting With Your Purpose In Life

Nobody can tell us our Purpose In Life!  However, we were born with a unique Purpose.  In recent posts I have talked about the Wisdom of Heart Awareness and Heart to Heart Communication. While our society is attempting to draw everyone possible around certain values, acquisitions, and even orthodoxies; as Spiritual Beings having a physical experience in life, we must look to the Heart for our minds to get to know our Purpose and how to fulfil it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find a school that would help with the training of your minds?

Earlier, I also talked about Heart to Heart “resonance.”  This is not like listening to what people are saying (so much the main approach in society) but listening to the language of the Heart to find affinity with people who can contribute to your mental knowing of your unique Purpose.

In several posts, I have referred to Dr Rick Hanson.  He is a man who understands that no one person can guide everyone. There’s that uniqueness thing, which he has recognized. Yet, he has found out that, if he can find people who are fulfilling their own Purpose, these people can contribute to our search, not by total agreement of your mind but a Heart awareness that some can contribute or at least INSPIRE you to consider what has been inspiring to them.  As you might suspect, Dr Hanson has discovered a dozen or two of such individuals.  Moreover, has started: The Academy for Optimal Living with this URL:  He explains “en + theos. Two little Greek words. Put ‘em together and you’ve got enthusiasm—or ‘God within’—the secret source to creating an extraordinary life while making a difference in the world.”  He also mentions: “Our mission is simple. We want to change the world. How? Well, we think it’s pretty straightforward. We’ve each ‘gotta’ be the change we want to see. Helping you do that is what we’re all about.”

Academy fees are modest but I am not selling here, anyway. I am, however, suggesting we can have a look at the inspired and inspiring people he has discovered, along with some of their promotional ideas discover where your Heart Awareness gets inspired.  I would mention that each of his Academy people each have a list of big ideas, which I found inspiring and simply worth a little meditation.

Here is an example, apropos my mission to write on BEING INSPIRING:  Ozioma Egwuonwu offers this topic, How To Use Inspiration to Drive Excellent Results.    Ozioma states: “In a world where so much value is based on how well, how fast, and how much we deliver to our loved ones, our jobs, and the world, the need to maintain positive momentum – while delivering excellent results – can feel completely overwhelming at times. It doesn’t have to be. Enter inspiration; often described as a force so enticing that, under its influence, we release many of our mental and emotional blocks and actually feel compelled to take action—despite what may seem like insurmountable circumstances.”

Here are Ozioma’s   Top Big Ideas:

  1. Realize that You Have the Right to be Inspired
  2. Give Yourself  Permission
  3. Embrace an Inspired Vision and Get Present to PURPOSE
  4. Be Willing to Go Beyond Z
  5. Make Choices that Inspire and Reflect TRUE Desire
  6. Honor Your Uniqueness
  7. Be Generous
  8. Invent a Personal Legend
  9. Create an Inspiration  Architecture
  10. Form an Inspired Alliance

Perhaps, your Purpose is not to To Use Inspiration to Drive Excellent Results.” Yet, I think you will agree that casting our eyes over the “Top 10 Big Ideas” of the people Dr. Rick Hanson has discovered can be one way toward being inspiring according to our unique Purpose in Life. I especially like “8 Invent a Personal Legend” as it is like what people need to do when they are in Transition from the “old me” of the past, to the “new me” of the future!


2 thoughts on “Getting With Your Purpose In Life”

  1. I enjoyed reading this, Paul. There are many people who are in the stream of their own inspiration and creativity, joyfully giving their gift to the world. If we’re open we can support and catalyze each other. The heart and gut know when we encounter something that will be of value in our journey. I was just sent an email, apparently for no reason, with a newsletter from a local energy-medicine practitioner. As I read through the newsletter I realized that I wanted to learn what she is doing to add to my offering, and will take her class in the new year.

    1. I deeply appreciate this perspective, Nancy Rose. I was talking with someone recently and mentioned that people who are apparently leaders (“in the stream of their own inspiration and creativity” in your words) will have their inspiration MAGNIFIED MANY FOLD by a simple sentiment (spoken or not) of AGREEMENT, for the power of this, is hands of people who have been elsewhere called “responding ones.” Lao Tzu in the Tao Te Ching said something like this: “Considering a Great Leader— When the work is done, the people will say we did it ourselves! Perhaps this is what causes me to quote other person’s insights. Another guy named Paul put it this way: “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are just, … pure, … lovely, … are of good report, … if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think of these things.”

      Also, someone also said that matters of the Heart must be discerned by the Heart!
      Thanks, so very much, Rose, with offering a comment, with which I can Heartily agree, Paul

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