Listening to the Wisdom of the Heart

Recently, another Blogger titled her post this way: “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD.”  It reminded me of a song popularized by Nat King Cole, with the same title. Yet, this writer reflected on tendencies of complaint, in people’s day-to-day lives, not to mention the negativity of the media.  She lamented our tendency to find fault and justification for complaint, and the fact that this tendency is characteristic of our societies in the world.

Nevertheless, my last two posts were about the rising tide of wholesome change in the mass-subconscious.  I am optimistic about this process because past efforts have created what Rupert Sheldrake called morphic fields, packets of knowledge, which get stronger and more filled with many experiences of Purpose being fulfilled by a growing understanding that we are Spiritual Beings having an Earthly or physical experience.

Several writers have pointed to mental and emotional dimensions of the physical experience, which are understood to be products of the human brain.  One aspect of the brain’s activity has been to recognize unique purposes to be perceived and confirmed as a “positive” or pleasurable concept to appreciate.  I think this is why Dr. Robert Anthony (mentioned earlier) would suggest that if you have a “negative” feeling, this was due to a thought that preceded that “negative” feeling.  Also, he and others have been working hard to emphasize that a negative feeling as a signal that the preceding thought was “off Purpose” and we need to reach for a thought that will bring about a “positive” or happy experience.  In turn, this would signal that we are “on Purpose” again!

This deliberate switching of thoughts may be perceived as “Polly Anna” or excessively optimistic, perhaps loosing sight of the repugnant or even dangerous aspects of a situation. Here is where the neurologists and Neuropsychologists, such as Drs. Rick Hansen and Richard Mendius would be quick to point out that the subconscious mind might be in conflict with the conscious mind and the negative feeling would be a danger signal due to the prehistoric aspects of the brain.  We have to recognize that the subconscious has been recording parts of experiences all our lives, and it finds change difficult to accommodate.  Actually, this conflict may be a major source of distress.  Thus, if we get the idea that compost is good for our roses and start digging it, releasing a repugnant odour, the subconscious mind with register a negative feeling.  In this case, the conscious mind may be able to convince the subconscious that the intended action is safe and the negative feeling gets replaced by a positive feeling.

The subconscious mind is at the mercy of all sorts of influences because of images on the media including heart breaking medical scenes, as well as genetic programming.  So, currently, life in our Western culture is likely to produce more negative reactions, even while our conscious mind may wish to hold to an optimistic course and the stress caused may turn into distress.  In the work world, there are two sources of stress:

  • Role Strain happens when we are asked to do something that is beyond our ethics or beyond our perceived capability.
  • Role Ambiguity happens when we are unsure that we are doing a “good job”    because of lack of feedback, or we don’t actually feel confident of our  skills

In both cases, negative feelings can be produced, as signals that we may be “off Purpose.” Consequently, our conscious mind has some work to do, so we may feel “On Purpose” again.

When all is said and done, we can always be assured that our human foibles are mostly supported by a coherent, Thinking Universe, which supports our “free will” to think, and learn from experience.  As mentioned previously, we made the decision to enter our mother’s womb with one or more purposes.  It appears that, we are trusted by the infinite Universe as it supports our choices of thought.  It is clear to me that it is not “positive thinking.”  It is “On Purpose thinking” and we must direct our conscious mind to learn its way to fulfil purpose.  In this regard, the self-less service of bees in a hive teaches me to adapt to changes rather than fight change, because more negative emotions seem to bring more negative results, while more positive emotions seem to bring positive results. Listening to the Wisdom of the Heart, our minds can change and our Purpose will be fulfilled!

NOTE:  This special person, in 15 minutes at her YouTube talk, she can change our subconscious opinion about Stress!  I am also linking her to an earlier post.

Kelly McGonigalHow To Make Stress Your Friend


One thought on “Listening to the Wisdom of the Heart”

  1. Here are a couple of tips from YouTube:
    Dan Gilbert: The surprising science of happiness (only 21 minutes)

    Yes, Dan Gilbert concludes with this statement:
    “We have the capacity to manufacture the experience that we are chasing!”

    Matthieu Ricard: (A Buddhist Monk with a French accent!) The habits of happiness (only 21 minutes too)

    “Well being and happiness is the result of mind transformation, by dissolving nasty emotions.”

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