Understanding The Rising Tide

It appears now that the “impossible” is possible.  The Quantum Self talked about two decades ago by Danah Zohar is now centre stage! This is in spite of the media hype in the Western world, which is selling indignation to a public that gets sucked in by reactions to injustice, violence, “righteous anger,” ruthlessness in debates. A tide is turning against all the negativity.  Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman’s positive psychology research points out that “Happiness, studies show, it is not the result of good genes or luck. It can be cultivated by identifying and nurturing traits we already possess—including kindness, originality, humor, optimism, and generosity.”

Almost forty years ago, I met the father of the “stress” concept for good and bad pressures to adapt, like eating lovely meal (“eustress”) and having a flat tire (“distress”).  This man was Dr. Hans Selye and I had the pleasure of conversation with him when he visited Toronto, Canada.  His first book on the subject was titled: Stress Without Distress:How to achieve a rewarding life style, in harmony with the laws of Nature, by using stress as a positive force for personal achievement and happiness(1974) Yet, stress has become a word to describe discomfort and distress, as the public adopts a twisted vernacular.

Our tendency to read newspapers, or watch the “news” on TV seems almost like an addiction, is if we need to distract ourselves from “average” daily experiences, making slow progress in careers and routines designed to reduce uncertainty and extra decision-making during our days. Are we busy, “keeping up with the Joneses” and not appreciating our standard of living, well above a majority the population of the world?  Do we take for granted that we have the means to communicate on the Internet with our own computer in the comfort of our home?  I think the preoccupation with pathos on the “news” has created the hype, so that honourable words like responsible are besmirched with “the news” reporting that police are searching for the person who was “responsible” for a robbery!  Furthermore, “stress” has almost become a disease in many minds!

Beyond the degradation of our language, there are those stalwart ones who dare to set the record straight, for our own good.  Recently, I discovered a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart, making amends for mistakenly telling her clients that stress was dangerous to our health. If you have 15 minutes to spare, you can check it out on You Tube. She is Kelly McGonigal telling us: “How to make stress your friend.”

Kelly is one of the rising tide of people who are “grasping the nettle” and being true to her purpose for being on Earth.  I was glad she pointed out that the stress response is the physiological basis of Courage.  If we have eyes to see, there is an increasing number who are doing this.  The popularization of Mindfulness has swept the West, along with other trends, uniting science with spirituality, thanks to organizations like Institute of Noetic Sciences in California. Thus, we can make sense of how pets know when to wait, at the door, for owners who are on their way home from work.  In previous posts, I have mentioned that we need to clean up our language in order to clean up our mental well-being  and, also, thus change the mass subconscious, which, in the past, predisposed us to things like tolerating the Holocaust etc.

Mindfulness meditation is used, as Dr. Rick Hanson, who teaches “hard wiring the brain with Happiness.”  We understand, using the reality of Quantum physics, resonating Heart to Heart, and cleaning out the mass subconscious from “viruses,” such as the interpretations that “stress” is always dangerous. We will have to watch our language closely because or conscious mind may be quick to suggest negative feelings like fear or anger, as a cause to worry and not being contented and happy in life. Yet, it seems easier to accept the notion that we are actually spiritual beings having a physical experience; also becoming aware that we actually chose our purpose before we arrived on Earth.

Thank you for reading this because you are likely part of the rising tide


3 thoughts on “Understanding The Rising Tide”

  1. Paul, The feel of your site is very calming. I would like to come back and spend some time with your thoughts. you have done a very good job here. your daughter is a good teacher….

    1. Hi Elaine, My daughter was my teacher at age 6yrs? I feel we have many teachers like my daughter and that we need to learn fast because our legacy to these young ones is questionable. I have decided to pay attention to spiritual teachers who are already backed by the new thrust in science of the Noetic dimension.
      We have our work cut out for us with the negativity, rife in many cultures. Otherwise, we may kill ourselves with our negative thoughts.
      Fond Regards, Paul

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