We Are “On-Purpose” To Benefit All Human Beings!

In my most recent post, I mentioned some perspectives from the research of Dr. Robert Anthony.  He pointed out, for some who don’t already know, that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  Now, while most of us are unaware of this, he also points out that our feelings are the result of our thoughts! Also, feelings (sad or happy) are our only indicators of whether we are off or on-purpose.  As children, we learned that what others did or said, would make us sad, angry, disappointed or happy, contented, even joyful and loving.  As a former Prime Minister once said: “Life was not meant to be easy!” I think, currently, most of us would agree with that statement, partly based on childhood experience and a society loaded with detractors, mentioned in the last post, And I notice that the media are selling indignation. Also, the TV & Movies include horror and violence as the preferred problem solving means.  In my city, it is a statistical fact that, although the crime rate has significantly reduced, people don’t feel as safe as in the past.

Dr. Anthony’s main message has been that if we are not contented with our lives, we must change our thoughts: “If you keep on thinking the way you are thinking, the Universe with keep giving you what you are getting!”  So, if we are not contented with our experience, we must change our thoughts! I don’t suggest for a moment that this is an easy task but I, along with others, must do this!  Like you, I am surrounded with the predominant sentiments on these matters.  Our sympathetic nervous system or (fight or flight mechanism) has been conditioned to come up with danger signals, triggering emotions, such as road rage.  We had a century of war and violence and a huge increase in mental health issues.

Fortunately, a few dauntless people have popularized Mindfulness Meditation and its foundational skill is of awareness, focused by the brain.  This mental skill, can use the breath to excite the PARAsympathetic nervous system, which calms fight or flight potentials and can break the bad habits of thought.  We don’t even need to meditate. When we are aware of nasty feelings arising, we can start with a big inhale and a long slow exhale. Several of these might be better, but one is enough for starters.  Also, while the long exhale goes out, we reach for a thought brings pleasure or appreciation.  It is helpful if we teach ourselves to say:I choose to be happy now!

 Some of us will think, “This is not fair, perhaps others must be punished for their bad actions.”  Yet, this is where it is wise to practice compassion and especially self-compassion, because all these nasty feelings are affecting our health and sometimes our loved ones, in earshot if what we might say. I have mentioned that Heart to Heart resonance is a reality in Quantum Physics.   Dr. Anthony has pointed out that the mass consciousness is at stake.  He also pointed out that Hitler could not be blamed for the Holocaust because the mass conscious of the Germans desperately wanted someone to save the nation in abject poverty. Moreover, the mass consciousness of “the West” was one of  “superiority and separation– saying we don’t care what the Germans are doing as long as it doesn’t effect us!”  So it failed to help the impoverished Germans, and eventually we paid a big price in “Western” human lives.

I don’t wish to seem very far ahead of readers. I am a life long learner and am running to keep up in practicing what I write about, and wish to conclude this post with two favourite quotes:

Viktor Frankl said:

  • “The meaning of life is derived from taking responsibility for the challenges set before us!”

Dale Carnegie said:

  • “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain – and most fools do.
  • “Be hearty with approbation and lavish with praise.”


Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend (You Tube)


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