Deliberate Participation in Creation

Most of us sense we were born for a Purpose. Yet, many of us, are disappointed that we haven’t achieved our purpose.  I have been studying a course on deliberate creation. The author, Dr Robert Anthony, has pointed out that happiness is a signal from the Heart (inner guidance system) that we are “on-Purpose,” also likely feelings of fulfilment.  Dr. Anthony has 8624 likes on Facebook and has spent 30 years unravelling the mysteries of “success.”  He also suggests that we likely have more than one purpose in life.  I have often quoted Dr. Viktor Frankl, who believed that we don’t hang around with Freud’s will to pleasure, prominent in children. Frankl suggests that, as we reach adulthood, we have a will to meaning as multi-dimensional beings. Frankl stated:  “The meaning of life is derived in taking responsibility for the challenges set before us.” Frankl also stated that we can’t pursue happiness but we can pursue a reason to be happy.

Dr. Anthony said that happy thoughts precede desirable things happening in our lives,  Really, he is saying: “If you think happy thoughts, you have pleasant feeling and pleasant outcomes in life, because this is in line with your Purpose, in a vibrational sense.  He also said that if we have grouchy, angry, or sad thoughts, these are followed by low frequency emotions and that our emotions are the indicator that we are not on Purpose, moreover, you are contributing to the troubles in your world.  So thoughts precede emotions and emotions are signals that we are ON or off purpose in our lives.  I my previous post I noticed that we live in an environment of detractors, whether parents, teachers, movies, TV, and Dr. Anthony backs these ideas with the laws of Quantum physics.

So, as the title of this post suggests, we need to be deliberate about the quality of our thoughts, which isn’t easy.  We have well entrenched habits of thought around daily events.  Our language has a load of misnomers and detractors. Nevertheless, our thoughts are followed by emotions, indicators of  ON or off  Purpose.  “Oh well,” we think it’s only a little mistake.  But, let’s realize that a BIG mistake, is a little mistake at a high speed, making it frequently.  We must get real and deliberate, because our Purpose is at stake, therefore participation in creation is at stake.

Ghandi said: “Be the change you want to see the world.”  If that is to happen for me, I have to watch my thoughts as precursors, to my feelings.  He didn’t say: “get angry, or horrified by things in the world.” If my feeling is off key, I must reach for a thought that makes me even a little happy, and with what’s happening in our society, this is a big job.  Nevertheless, we must be deliberate.  Does anyone want to be unhappy, unfulfilled, feel dis-couraged?  I think our Courage is like a muscle.  If we work at it, we will be strong.  Recently, I promised, someone I love very much, that I would be a “good news” person.  After all, we can only change the world one person at a time.  I am more inspired these days because, I observe more and more people wishing to be inspiring.  I admit the detractors have the majority but the tide is turning, as more people are on a positive wavelength.  We need the Power of Positive Feeling but our thoughts need to be optimistic or compassionate, disappointing things in society.

If this seems too hard, compassion and even self-compassion is a good place to start.  See  my very first post on this post on this.    When we are aware in the moment, we have the time to adjust the dials and “search for the thought that feels best now” and we will be happy (on-purpose) now!   By the way, Dr. Robert Anthony is author of:  The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence.


4 thoughts on “Deliberate Participation in Creation”

  1. I am happy. I am happy because somewhere along the way I realized my true hearts desire.My true hearts desire and I would say everyone’s true desire is to love The Lord with all my heart and mind and soul.Please substitute any wording for The Lord you wish as long as we realize we are talking about a very specific reality.
    Even though I am happy experiences such as you mentioned …grouchiness,anger,fear still put in an appearance from time to time but one can feel a certain detachment from them.Happiness does not always mean feeling wonderful.
    I like the anecdote of the patient going to an acupuncturist the first time.Is it painful said the patient.Not pain…experience!..said the acupuncturist.
    Happiness and experience are two different things although realizing your TRUE heart ‘s desire will bring many wonderful experiences.

    Warmest regards


    1. Thank you Brian, I too say, “Thank you Lord” when I wake up in the morning. But, I avoid religious sounding words because the mass consciousness has had bad experiences with Religion, and I don’t wish to deter people who wish to live a more happy life and feel inspired as well as being inspired so that could also contribute in a wholesome way to they contribute the necessary clean-up of that mass consciousness. Also, there have been those who recruit people to their form of religion, by engendering fear of Hell etc. This is not your Lord’s way! I think it is arrogant for anyone’s mind (part of creation) to strive to completely understand the creator. So, I use terms like “Thinking Universe” and I honour messengers whose purpose is to teach us wholesome ways to live. One or more have said “let not your heart be troubled” and “Judge not that yeah be not judged.” The mass consciousness is a mess because people don’t implement the knowledge they have. I refer to the Heart as the source of wisdom, that is why it must not be troubled or it would NOT be a source of wisdom. The concious mind is bombarded daily with “news” of violence, tragedy and injustice, because “rightious indignation” would further polute the mass consciousness, we need habits, such as yours, Brian, to maintain our sanity. A lot of what is “normal” is not what is natural! So, I thank you for contributing to people’s search for happiness in their lives, Paul Blythe

      1. Thankyou Paul

        I too am guarded in my use of religious sounding words…only because these words have been so thoroughly spoiled through misuse and misunderstanding and even though I enjoy and appreciate these words I will tell you I am probably the first to bolt when I hear other people using them in some dark murky way so how must it be with others.
        We certainly are not interested in initiating the eye rolling sequence with others with our language or laying some kind of conceptual heavy on people.
        The example you gave with bank teller was quite good…just a simple spirited exchange with perhaps greater ramifications than might be expected.

        Best again


  2. As you’ve said, Dr. Blythe, we are continually creating our experience in life via our thoughts, whether we know it or like it or not. To do so consciously, deliberately, purposefully changes everything. I endeavor to greet the world with intelligent compassion.

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