“What’s it all about, Alfie?”

The song by this title highlights a common dilemma in life.  Why are we here?  Some of us have great satisfaction, even pleasure working at things that will bring pleasure or even relief from suffering.  We would be right saying it’s inspiring.  In dictionaries inspiration is inspiring mentally and emotionally.  Albert Einstein said:  “Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe.”  In the past few decades, many of us have been convinced that we are all spirits in physical bodies; and that we spirits decided, with a purpose, to hop into our mother’s womb.  This may explain why little babies are so attractive and adorable.  Can we see that this is a spiritual experience, or Heart to Heart connection causing us to be inspired.  If we think thoughts, happy or not, others will pick that up right away.  Also in an inspired state of mind, we can have the “hunch” that we are “on-purpose.”

On the other hand, I know from my experience, that a dog is, likely to bite a person who is afraid. They sense the negativity of fear with their brain’s parasympathetic nervous system which, feeling that fear, goes into fight or flight mode.  Also, it can be hard, in our society, to maintain our positive or happy emotions, which give a sense of being “on-purpose.” Other posts alert readers about normal detractors, like criticism, another is fear of danger or defeat and it becomes subconscious programming. Because our sympathetic nervous system is constantly vigilant for possible threats, it steps in with a detractor coming to mind almost automatically.

However, the good news is that awareness of these nasties, gives us a chance to think of alternative thoughts that are natural, although not likely normal these days. Thus, our spirit needs our mind to Distract from the detractor and think of something we appreciate or are grateful for as an alternative to the detractor. We can thus stay on-purpose in our lives, and even contribute to our own and others’ morale.  Thinking back to new-born babies, if we are already spirits in physical bodies, there may be no need to seek inspiring experiences.  Negative feelings are our indicator that our minds are off purpose. What we can learn is that our sense of fulfilment is at stake, if we allow ourselves to think strong emotions of dislike, the Universe will give us more to dislike. 

However, if we choose to develop the habit of pleasant thoughts, the Universe with give us more of what is pleasant because it is on-purpose.  Actually, this whole Blog-site is my effort to point out the need to develop the habit of thinking thoughts that make you happy. We think of ABBA’s Dancing Queen “having the time of her life: (on-purpose for the moment) and we are inspired, taken over by spirit with the pleasurable thought!  So, if a detractor turns off the switch, we can just flick it back on! Especially with strong emotions, if we keep on thinking the old normal way, we will keep getting what we have been getting. However, if we choose the natural (happy) way, more and more happiness will arrive!

If this simple statement seems too “good to be true,” then please read other posts on this site.  Unfortunately, my earlier ones are the more introductory posts.

Also, if you would be happy to, I invite your comments on thinking toward a habit to be happy or any questions.  I wish you an inspiring life, for yourself and those around you!


I welcome your thoughts and comments

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