Random Acts Of Kindness

I recently read a Blog post of a person talking about Balance in life. She used the example of a tight-rope walker, performing “impossible” feats on a tight-rope, spanning two countries, over Niagara Falls in North America. This writer was emphasizing the need for balance for her readers to plan to meet challenges that would likely need to be met if the reader was to succeed in Western society, containing opinions of many about responsible and irresponsible choices. In our an “I centered” and “Now centered” society, filled with individualists, who show little concern for one another. This writer included the idea of a certain amount of giving, as part of that balanced plan for themselves. It was clear that the giving need not be money but perhaps, reaching out a helping hand to neighbours or others that would benefit from this kindness. This reminded me of the title of this post.

My experience as a Psychologist has taught me that unexpected kindness, like compassion or empathy would be the most helpful. In the previous post on finding “creative fields,” I mentioned finding Heart to Heart connections as a key to the “creative field” and this process is often, if not always, in the hands of a recipient. Thus, a receptive attitude would also be seen as a random act of kindness, as it was not likely anticipated. For example, several weeks ago, I mentioned a situation where I was waiting for a bank teller to return to her post. She arrived and said: “I thought I was all ready but I am sorry to keep you waiting.” I hadn’t planned this but I replied: “Your smile was worth waiting for!” I also noted that, in the moment, “it would be hard to know who was the most inspired.” I am left to conclude that this was what others have called a “random act of kindness.”

Is this a strategy or just an unplanned reaction? Well, either way, it would be self-reinforcing in both our minds. It would be so important to a spouse coming home from work reporting: “Gee, the traffic was ‘bumper-to-bumper’ today, but this person backed off and waved me to get in front of them!” We can all imagine the resulting feelings of both drivers. I know it is now part of my strategy in heavy traffic. It seems to take the pressure off and gives me a measure of compassion for others on the road. Thus, it has become a way of reducing the stress from what can become “dodge-um cars” in a theme park. On the road it’s not fun at all. Random Acts Of Kindness, let me practice compassion and self-compassion, promising win-win situations.

Aine Belton has founded a Global Love Project on internet, globalloveproject.com/ Ms. Belton is a visionary transformation expert, writer, speaker and facilitator in the spiritual fields, who has personally found love to be the most potent healer in her own life. She has pointed out that you need self love to love others. She has also pointed to some habits that work at crossed purposes. Here’s her list:

Perfectionism, Judgment, Guilt, Repressed emotions, Beliefs, Comparison,  Competition, Feeling Undeserving, Dishonesty, Lack of self-forgiveness.

I think we can see why she states that love has been the most potent healer in her own life. We can’t involve ourselves in any on the list and be in position to engage in Random Acts of Kindness. Thus we miss out on Being Inspired. Our current society, justifies all of Aine’s list. Yet, we must find ways to rise above these habit’s of thought and go for the Heart to Heart approach, thus inspiration happens!



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