Why Do We Say What We Say?

As a Psychologist in training, I wondered why people chose to say things as opening remarks.  My own conclusion, at that time, was they took a chance to voice an idea in order to develop it in conversation to a point it became a belief.  Then, I thought of this mental habit that often worked well.  Yet, as you are aware from earlier posts, I talked about Heart to Heart communication. I now understand it as establishing a creative field.  Therefore, I invite you to find out what this creative field is all about. The Heart to Heart connection actually creates a vibratory field, wherein two or more minds can reach into their individual spiritual reality.  As mentioned in the post ‘Optimists are Inspiring!‘, we are all born with a Pioneering Spirit.  This is what urges us to seek resonance or Heart to Heart connection, and it becomes a creative field.

This isn’t a matter of being so weak that we can’t make up our mind alone.  It is a deeper impulse of our spirit, because we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience.  Although this may seem to be a “come-down” for our human mind, it is a life-saving resource, especially in the more or less violent world, where we find ourselves. For couples, and many mutual friends, this is understood by their experience of some time. Whether or not we are aware of it, in our conscious minds, we feel drawn in by the comfort or camaraderie of the moment. Recently, this played out for me, in a gathering of Psychologists, in one room (having all being trained in Empathy). We sat comfortably considering a new theory being discussed by a presenter via a video presentation. I realized this was preferable to reading, even though the weather was bad enough to keep us all away.

Personally, I understood this “affinity” as I had been trained in Heart to Heart connection with other groups. This sense of affinity is already present in our Heart as mentioned in the last post on the Pioneering Spirit.  Such a sense of affinity can be felt in groups gathering to refine their understanding of “spiritual beings in physical bodies.” They are drawn to explore it in such groups as the Riverdell Spiritual Centre and one can be assured that, if geography is a problem, people on this site can guide them to another convenient location.

Some may find this mysterious, but our Western society is experiencing a burgeoning of understanding of the word “Spiritual.”  For so long, that word connoted, an organization or religion, which engendered fear of Hell and damnation, based on us all being “born in sin,” actually engendering another fear, that of being swept up with a loss of self-control and being restricted by some orthodoxy.  For many years, I was careful in my tertiary teaching, not to use the word “spiritual” or even “transpersonal,” the latter is really a Heart to Heart connection.  If that reality was to be examined, we could see that, without that connection, marriages would be unthinkable.

Beyond the burgeoning of understanding of the word “Spiritual,” we can observe many groups and organizations, such as Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in California; all seeing the need to clean up the mass subconscious, as it has become polluted with another kind of proselytising, fear as a marketing tool and political weapon. Also, unfortunately, we can’t trust anyone, including ourselves!  I delight in the name of Institute of Noetic Sciences (Noetic=Spiritual) & Sciences were not on speaking terms a few years ago!  Perhaps, many would explain this change with the perspective of Quantum Physics etc..

Please take a moment to comment on this post. Your words will be inspiring, regardless of your opinion.


3 thoughts on “Why Do We Say What We Say?”

  1. Hi Paul
    When I think of the building a creative field of which there is much talk these days I think of that Biblical passage ” except The Lord build the house they labour in vain that build it ”

    Let’s change that to ” except The Lord build the creative field they labour in vain that build it ”

    You can see I have gotten over any issues I might have had with religious languaging . I find it very poetic and to the point.

    A creative field very strongly suggests a creator but as the Biblical passage suggests there has been a vain attempt by human beings to build their own houses of being or their own creative fields if you will and the disasterous results surround us in almost every organizational form on earth from marriages to corporations…just to pull a couple out of a hat.

    Too harsh ? Surely there must be some humanly devised creative fields that are actually creative. Hmm…well the world situation certainly does seem to be in an insoluble mess.

    To get to the point in this brief missive there needs to be an ( THE ) overarching transcendent reality that actually knows what and how a creative field should develop and proceed.

    The current and first necessity is for an individual to become aware of that transcendent designing reality in their own life and yield to the creative field that springs from.This is as one would assume something very trustworthy.

    Enjoy your posts very much Paul and hope I add something to the discussion.


    1. Thanks Brian,
      I agree, as you say, ” except The Lord build the creative field they labour in vain that build it.” In my view, too many creative fields have taken us in a tragic direction! Heart awareness is possible in every case and if we don’t let The Lord do the building, results can bring cataclysm, like the sinking of Lamuria and Atlantis. We don’t need to be involved in a religion to take advice from the sages of old. Our heart awareness needs to take seriously, what perceptions are, as Paul said to the Philippians: “Whatsoever things are true,…Just,…pure,…lovely,..of good report…think on these things. If our heart awareness is about aggression, anger, hate etc., what is created is likely to create more havoc in our already uncaring “dog eat dog” society.

      I would hope my posts would inspire wholesome Heart to Heart connections. We don’t have to argue about what “The Lord” is but we have to explore what is natural, rather than normal and have compassion for ourselves and others, when the feelings are telling us, things are “out of sync” with the Thinking Universe, which instructs the bees in a bee hive on a hot day.
      Kindest Regards and Gratitude, Paul

  2. HI, Paul! I especially resonated with your statement about the idea of spirituality being thought of as all about religion. IN fact, that is a key concept in my upcoming dissertation for my EdD program. I find it is very important to teach up and coming therapists about the concepts of religion and spirituality being different yet sharing some content. I was recently at the annual APA conference, where I was happy to meet some of the folks from IONS at their booth. I had recently joined their group as a member, so it was especially nice for me to be able to meet them in person. IT is so important that Noetic and traditional sciences are more friendly with each other than before. Did you know that even the VAtican now has scientists working within their midsts along side clergy to study the CHurch’s history and archeological finds? There was a time when the VAtican would not even consider letting a scientist within its walls. How refreshing idea! Thanks for sharing!

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