The Human Spirit Can Prevail!

The recent Leadership change in the Australian Federal Government has called to mind further thoughts on Total Quality Management which, as I have mentioned previously, was a roaring success in Japan, but failed in North America, presumably with the “best players on the field.” This turned out to be a matter of cultural norms. We noted that the Western Educational System had been sold on the idea that “critical analysis was the way to discover the Truth.”

From an existential point of view, each of the new back-benchers may get the idea that they were “on-purpose” in life but were swept aside in the cut and thrust of the competitive strategy in Australian politics.  But, the Human Spirit Can Prevail!  Philosopher, Dr. Irvin Yalom has examined non-secular evidence that we humans are evolving under a Universal influence toward, for one thing, the clarification of the mass subconsciousness.  In nature, this influence is toward collaboration.  For example, before the heat of an upcoming “hot day” bees in a hive begin to change from pollen and nectar carrying to water carrying, while the wax-builders get ready to take on ventilation work to  “water-cool” the inside of the hive to prevent all the wax combs in the whole hive from melting.

Even Social Scientists like, Aaron Antonovsky in his book, Health, Stress and Coping, points to a person’s “Sense of Coherence” (that things in nature hang-together and that things will work out as well as can be expected).  This is a powerful stress reducer.  In earlier blogs, I have mentioned it is widely thought that we humans are evolving for some purpose, and that much of our work is cleaning up the mess made by the self-centred mind.  Environmentalists are particularly aware that this “clean-up” is needed for the survival of many species, and that this is necessary in a “Universal Plan.”

In 1970, I read a paper about the “Thinking Universe” and almost everywhere in Nature, the author could find the evidence of a plan, such as the acorn containing the design for an Oak tree.  I would remind the readers that, it was Nihilism that has caused us to doubt, yet the Sun will rise in the morning, even on a cloudy day.  A secular or Cosmic meaning and purpose in life can be supported more easily by the above, but Dr. Yalom mentioned Albert Camus, who although he referred to the human condition as “absurd in a meaningless universe,” he did offer a new humanist based vision of personal life of meaning and purpose by living with values and guidelines for conduct such as courage, fraternal solidarity, love, and secular saintliness.

My personal understanding of this is based on a belief that there is much evidence for a Universal Plan and I personally find purpose in assisting those overcoming human suffering, which usually can be explained by human errors, particularly around self-centredness, or lack of respect of others, because some have not been offered a basis for self-respect.

Thus, what’s inspiring, is evidence of the Human Spirit. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, it is possible, even necessary, to have Heart to Heart resonance.  As a matter of fact, in my “Transition Workshops” some time ago, I asked participants to think of someone they admire and write down their admirable characteristic.  We would fill the white-board with these and then I made the statement to them all, that they would not be able to see the other person’s admirable characteristic, unless they had that within themselves!  It was never challenged!